Street Update #40

August 27, 2014

If you’re having a bad day and don’t know how to elevate the mood, take a look at our latest Street Update list and see some of the most creative murals from your favourite artists! They’ve been working all over the world – leaving their marks from USA to Africa, and from Europe to Australia. Saner, Swoon, Pejac, Faith47 and Ernest Zacharevic have been very busy for the last few weeks and WideWalls will, as we always do, present you with their best work. And, if you like the pieces you see, we’ll inform you where to go and perhaps visit them yourselves! Enjoy!


Mexican artist Saner is currently working in Australia where he was invited by the Form Festival to paint on the streets of Perth. Painting at the Food For Me Cafe in East Vic Park, this widely recognized muralist, painter, illustrator and graphic artist dropped his beautiful piece showing the lovely embrace of a couple wearing traditional Mexican masks. Using vivid colors that has become his recognizable style, Saner again didn’t disappoint us. "I am from Mexico and when I saw pictures of Perth and Australia I was really interested in creating stories, through murals, for the people; Sometimes I take things from the countries I visit and mix them up, trying to show my vision of the world" Saner said.


The American artist was invited for the Djerbahood project to paint on the island of Djerba in Tunisia. Swoon brought some of her signature pasters for the locals to enjoy. She is known for her life-size wheatpaste prints and paper cutouts of human figures, but also as an artist whose topic consider social and environmental issues. For this particular project she did several murals, from a woman portrait painted in profile, to the images of local children in traditional clothes. The Djerbahood project is organised by Paris' Gallerie Itinerrance.


Spanish artist Pejac recently spent some time in Paris, France where he worked his way through a couple of new street pieces including the above piece which is entitled "Ants". His style is very minimalist but striking, and he seems comfortable working on the smallest drawing to the largest outdoor mural. For this occasion, he painted two silhouettes of kids holding the magnifying glass on what look like colony of ants. But, instead of burning the ants, as you look closer, you notice that instead of ants, these are humans burning. Again, quite simple and naïve, but with most of Pejac’s works, you need to look twice.  

Faith47 - Capax Infiniti

After a series of pieces in Durban, South Africa, Faith47 is now in Portland, USA where she just wrapped up this new mural for the Forest For The Trees project. Entitled “Capax Infiniti” (“Holding the Infinite” in Latin), the South African muralist painted this beautiful piece showing a ghostly-like woman with her back turned to us.

Very beautiful, romantically dressed and fragile figure, at the same time looks quite haunting and disturbing. The fact that we actually can not see her face and emotion make the mural even more mystique. A must-see!


Ernest Zacharevic was also invited in the Living Walls 2014 conference where he spent a few days working on this massive new piece. Usually recognized for making his outdoor art by adding something that breaks away from the 2D nature of graffiti, sometimes even with the help of the locals, this time he decided to de something different. In a very Piet Mondrian way, the talented Lithuanian street artist made this amazing, colorful and fun mural of children playing that can easily be used as a facade for a Kindergarten. 

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