Street Update #43

Street Update

September 17, 2014

The beauty of street art is that just when you think you saw everything there is to see, something or someone new comes along and blows your mind. The freshness of the art, always evolving techniques and more and more creative artists make our work here at Widewalls wonderful. This week, as you already know, we present you the latest works from your favorite and soon-to-be favorite street artists. Italian artist Etnik was in Germany where he just finished two new murals. His colleague Wesr was also in Germany doing a fantastic piece for the Focus Festival, while Ollio and Peeta showed off their mad skills for the Swedish crowd at the No Limit Borås festival. And last, but not the least, one of our favorite art collectives, Cyrcle. stopped by the Netherlands to do a massive mural for the Cultura Nova mural project. Check out our gallery and choose your own favorite artist! Enjoy!


Italian artist Alessandro Battisti aka Etnik has just finished two new murals in Germany – one in Neuss and one in Giessen. The first one was painted in Giessen for the River Tales Project 2014, while the second one was done in Neuss for the 25th Alte Post Anniversary. Both murals are great representation of the artist’s work. As always, Etnik’s art has a great sense for balance and composition, and by adding an architectonic perspective where buildings and urban areas become disintegrated just to be reassembled again, creates a recognizable style and makes Etnik stand out from the crowd. Using vivid colors and geometrical objects, he almost creates a 3D effect. Stunning!


Danny Figueroa aka Wesr began his career as a graffiti artist in 1996 in the capital of Peru, Lima. His growing up was strongly affected by the cultural clash in which the ethnic traditions of his country were being confronted with the upcoming Americanisation. This later helped in having a unique perspective towards the art and life in general. The combination of both styles is very visible in Wesr’s art where he brings together the aesthetics of traditional and contemporary japanese graphic illustrations with elements of Peruvian indigenous art. Wesr just finished his newest mural on the streets of Görlitz, Germany where he was a participant of the Fokus Street Art Festival. Using a smoke-effect to create the face of a man, his impeccable technique is coming to notice, especially in large-scale pieces like this one. 


Swedish artist Ollio has been doing graffiti for quite some time. He is one of the first artists from the graffiti scene in Gothenburg to reveal his identity. His style soon stood out within the local scene and his way of mixing the spray can with the carpet tufting machine has allowed his to play and create unique pieces of art. For his latest engagement, he participated at the No Limit Borås festival in Sweden and created this amazing large-scale piece using the original surface of the building as the base and adding the black layers, painting a mural that will be talked about for a long time!


Street artist CYRCLE was recently in Holland to paint a massive mural for the Cultura Nova mural project on the streets of Heerlen in Netherlands. The piece entitled “Struggle” embodies everything Cyrcle is about – fun, dynamics, vividity and creativity. The American art collective used a long wall to paint and did more than anyone expected. Amazing!


Peeta, also known as Manuel Di Rita, is a graffiti artist since 1993 currently living in Venice. Member of the EAD crew (Padova, Italy), FX and RWK crews (New York City) has just finished painting his latest mural in Sweden for the No Limit Borås festival. Thanks to his long graffiti experiences, Peeta decided to bring street art to a next level by taking the experience he brings from the streets and implement it into the new approach – sculptural lettering, creating a three dimensional work of art. His skills are amazing and the murals surreal and beautiful. Breathtaking! 

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