Street Update #45

Street Update

October 2, 2014

From week to week, we continue to bring you the best, the biggest, the latest and the most beautiful street art works done all over the globe. Some are done by the street art superstars, some by the future ones, but what they all have in common is great talent and persistence. This week we bring you your favorite pieces done on the walls of Berlin, Folkestone, Paris, Casablanca and Lagos. Handiedan surprised us with an amazing mural done for the Project M, Banksy was working long hours only to present us with his newest “Art Buff” piece, Parisians loved the beautiful Hopare work, Aryz delighted us with his latest piece in Morocco, and Borondo created a beautiful piece in Portugal. Take a look at our gallery and choose your personal favorite! Enjoy!


Over the past several months, arts organization Urban Nation has been inviting international artists and curators to do what they will with their large, interdisciplinary Berlin venue, Project M - a building utilized as a canvas from the inside out. Some of the artists involved are Ben Eine, who did an amazing large-scale mural and surrounding it, several smaller ones by Above, Ben Frost, Klone, Yoh Nagao and many others. The latest one is by the Amsterdam-based collage artist Handiedan who did this breathtaking, large scale mural, right next to Eine’s. While her typical work consists of smaller pieces, textured collages of vintage pin-up girls with baroque flourishes, she effortlessly adapted this style to a large format. Amazing!


The last time we heard from Banksy it was on summer for the Glastonbury Festival when he did an installation called “The Sirens Of The Lambs”. Now he is back with a brand new piece on the streets of Folkestone in the UK. The piece was done during the night and it features an elderly lady, listening to audio museum guide, looking at an empty plinth, over a buffed area. The stencil, called “Art Buff” was discovered during the town’s two-month long Triennial Festival. His spokeswoman said “Art Buff” was a play on words because the piece of art on the plinth at had been “buffed” out. She said: “It is up there for everyone to enjoy.”


Parisians can boast about a new mural on their streets! Sponsored by Radio Marais, French-born street artist Hopare installed this beautiful piece entitled “Urban Safari” only few days ago and it took him two days to complete. The mural features the portrait of a young woman combined with several vibrant abstract elements. Hopare creates emotive movement in his art works by including abstract shapes and fluid lines to create a sense that color is exploding out from the painting or moving from one point to another within the design.


Since his last work in Lithuania earlier this month, Spanish painter, muralist and cover artist Aryz went to North Africa where he was invited to paint a big wall on the streets of Casablanca in Morocco. The piece is very simple, painted with only two colors, but still the effect is stunning. As the artist says, “I always thought that the most difficult thing of painting in big formats was to keep the line gesture and the proportions like in the sketches. My sketches have a lot of mistakes and random lines, and somehow I wanted to reproduce that on a wall. The more effects and colors you use on your work, the more you can hide the mistakes and catch the viewer's attention... when you use the line and not much more, the mistakes can be easily seen”.


Only few days ago, Borondo did one amazing installation in Portugal, and now he just finished working on another new piece for the Arturb residency. The amazingly talented Spanish street artist didn’t fail to impress us once again, creating this beautiful piece featuring a series of distorted woman bodies. Resembling more a canvas painting than a street art, Borondo added to the realistically painted human body black and white elements, giving the piece the unique approach. Great job!

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