Street Update #46

October 8, 2014

Last week, some of the world’s most famous street artists hit the streets to create amazing street art pieces. Some murals as a part of a festival collaboration, others were promotion for an exhibition opening and others painted just for the sake of beauty. We loved Alexis Diaz’s piece he did in Austria; Alexandre Orion’s mural of a toddler blended perfectly into Sao Paolo’s landscape; D*Face celebrated the opening of his “Scars and Stripes” show with an expectedly beautiful mural; Sepe and Chazme worked together on a fantastic collaboration in Luxembourg; Tristan Eaton came to Paris to participate at the Nuit Blanche Festival, and wonderfully talented Austrian street art legend Nychos stopped by Vienna to paint one of his stunning dissection murals! Open the gallery and convince yourself why these artists are considered some of the best muralists in the world. Enjoy!


Puerto Rican artist Alexis Diaz recently stopped by in Graz, Austria to paint this impressive mural. Invited by the people from Inoperable Gallery, the artist spent a few days perfecting the large scale piece, using tiny brushes and light pastel colors. Looking at the mural from a large distance the hybrid animals look quite simple but as you get closer, the amount of impeccable mastered details, takes your breath away. Thanks to the  outstanding engraving technique Alexis Diaz always manages to astonish us with his work. 


Multidisciplinary artist Alexandre Orion was invited to Sao Paulo by Green Nation Brazil to take part in a debate on Art and Environment. For the occasion, the artist painted a hyperrealistic piece featuring a toddler playing with parts of a town that look like the real landscape behind it. As the artist himself confirmed, one of his biggest inspirations was the city. Orion states it’s charged with meaning, a meaning that the artist uses to explore new techniques and ways of applying them to the urban landscape.


As a part of the opening of his solo exhibition “Scars and Stripes”, the biggest one so far, British street art star D*Face did this large scale mural in Los Angeles featuring some of his signature style and imagery. Linked up with the guys from Branded Arts, the artist painted a mural from the perspective of the driver. Only the rear mirror indicates the signature decay of D*Face characters. It shows a highway ride in the car during the sunset creating a romantic but at the same time nostalgic feeling. If anyone has a recognizable style, it’s D*Face. 


Polish artists Sepe and Chazme are a perfect example of a great collaboration that began from two very opposite visual registers. Their style and access is different, but together they magically manage to blend the amazing character drawing of Sepe and rigid geometry of Chazme to create visual poetry. The have been collaborating together since 2009 on many projects, from festivals to exhibitions all across Europe, with their biggest accomplishment being the ARTAQ Urban Art Award from 2011. Only few days ago, the power duo finished their latest mural in Luxembourg. The piece that dominates in blue and pink color, features two men turning backs to one another while being surrounded by geometrical obstacles. As the artists emphasized, it is a tribute to Stanislaw Lem, Polish writer of science fiction, philosophy and satire, known for his strange world creations.


Tristan Eaton has landed in Paris, France where he was invited by Be Street to paint for the latest edition of the Nuit Blanche Festival. The graffiti artist, street art muralist, illustrator, and toy designer always saw art as a way for gathering people and bringing it to the people who don’t have an access to it. This time, the artist painted over a period of four days this beautiful piece that encompasses a variety of textures and styles. The piece is based on the iconic “Napoleon Crossing the Alps” painting by Jacques-Louis David and the text reads “The Revolution Will Be Trivialized”.


Austrian street art legend Nychos finished this stunning mural in Vienna, Austria just few days ago and once again proved why he is considered to be one of the best artists in the street art scene today. His super clean and detailed works featuring objects, humans, animals and even comic characters through the process of dissection are something Nychos was always interested in , “I was so into skeletons - my dad and grandpa were both hunters, so looking at a deer skeleton was daily business, it was normal to me”. Believing that art has to make you laugh but also tell a story, Nychos always manages to combine and blend the two in a best possible way.  

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