Street Update #47

Street Update

October 15, 2014

If you were wondering what your favorite street artists have been up to last week, this is the place to find out! As usual, they’ve been traveling, painting, collaborating with other artists… Irish artist Fin DAC stopped by Croatia to do a beautiful mural entitled “Koibito”; DALeast was invited by Fundacja Urban Forms from Poland where the artist recreated an amazing drawing from his latest show “The Laten Photon” in NYC; UK treasure Phlegm finished another amazing piece in London; ROA is at the top of the game with numerous festival and international events as the fourth edition of the PRHBTN street art festival he was a part of in Lexington, USA; while Fintan Magee perpetuated the unfortunate event from 2011, the Brisbane floods, in the beautiful and touching piece. Check out our gallery and pick your favorite! Enjoy!


Irish artist Fin DAC was recently in Croatia where he finished working on his latest piece entitled “Koibito”. The mural adorning the streets of Ražanac is a great representation of the artist’s signature style – the realistic, beautiful women painted in vivid colors, with the emphasis on the eyes. Here, the eyes are covered in pink mask, similar to the women in the “Dark Angel, Deadly Dragon” piece he did with Eelus in West London. What makes this piece different is that he used the already existing window on the building to his advantage by including the birds inside, and with the woman’s hand below it, it appears as if she is releasing them into the world. Stunning!


Work of the Chinese street art superstar DALeast doesn’t need much introduction. His unique approach to the work and his impeccable sense for details always results in breathtaking pieces. His latest one was done in Eastern Europe where he was invited by Urban Forms to paint on the streets of Lodz in Poland. The painted piece is actually a recreated drawing from his most recent show “The Laten Photon” at Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC. The image he chose is the three dimensional deer made of the numerous little branches, as the ones for birds to nest in. The work, commitment and the precision are just amazing.


Last time we heard from Phlegm, he was in Wales working on his newest piece. Now, the British artist is back to his home country where he has just finished a new mural. The latest piece adorning the Hanbury Street in London features one of Phlegm’s signature characters assembling parts of a larger creature. Before his intervention in London, Phlegm was quite busy working with the Royal Opera House that we wrote about, then doing some large scale murals in Cardiff for this year’s edition of the Empty Walls Festival as well an intricate indoor installation in Sheffield created for Sheffield Bazaar, which was part of the festival of the mind.


Only few days ago, street art superstar ROA was in Queretaro, Mexico and now he is already in North America participating in the fourth edition of the PRHBTN street art festival. Painting on the streets of Lexington in Kentucky, the Belgian artist did this massive buffalo-skeleton in his signature style, using only black color and painting lots of details. It’s quite impressive the quality of the work considering the time used to be created. Only a day after he painted this stunning piece, ROA flew to Las Vegas and did another one. If you didn’t understand before why he is one of the best ones on the art scene today, here’s the proof. 

Fintan Magee

Joining ROA in Las Vegas for the Life Is Beautiful festival was the Australian artist Fintan Magee, but before his arrival to the Sin City, Magee spent few days in his home country, Australia, where he was invited by the Pillars Project. In 2011, Brisbane, Australia was hit by floods and the experience from this unfortunate event served the artist to do this amazing piece simply entitled “Flood”. The emotional piece features what seems to be a father helping his son by carrying him on the surfboard while the child is, probably unaware of the disaster, playing with his boat toy.

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