Street Update #48

October 21, 2014

Some of our favorite artists have been very busy in the last seven days. They’ve traveled all around the world and adorned walls of France, UK, Poland and USA. French street art superstar C215 finished an amazing mural in his home country, Nychos after doing a wonderful piece in his home country stopped by Sao Paolo, Brazil to paint another one, while wonderful Alice Pasquini did a stunning homage to Italian poet Alfonso Gatto. Also in Paris, French artist Levalet did a piece entitled “15 minutes of fame” that in a best possible way shows his both artistic and humorous side, and in Miami the Italian artist Ozmo did another hyper-realistic large-scale mural of image of the statue of Liberty and Michelangelo’s sculpture of David. Check out our gallery and find your personal favorite. Enjoy!

C215 in District 20, Paris

French stencil and graffiti artist Christian Guemy aka C215 just finished a new mural in his home country. Located in Parisian 20th district, the French artist quickly worked his way through this amazing piece featuring vibrant child portraits. If you’re familiar with his work, you’ll know that children are an often theme of his work. The mural really pops out in the neighborhood and the children’s faces are both innocent and strong at the same time. The children’s faces are monochrome with colored accents, making them really stand out against the bold backdrop.


Only two weeks ago we wrote about the amazing work of the very talented Austrian artist Nychos who did a mural was in his home country. Now, Nychos is in Sao Paolo, Brazil where he repeated the success by painting this fantastic piece featuring the imitation of the Firefox logo. Once again, he did it through the process of dissection and by using the original logo colour but with adding the flash of lightning painted in blue that surrounds the image. Simply stunning!

Alice Pasquini

Italian street artist and painter Alice Pasquini went to Salerno in her home country to do this breathtaking piece. She was invited by the Alfonse Gatto Foundation that aims to preserve and introduce the wider audience with the work of Alfonso Gatto, one of the most important 20th century Italian poets who was actually born in Salerno, to paint a piece in his honour. Artist Greenpino painted the words of his poetry on the steps, while Pasquini painted the walls of the staircase. The whole staircases have four walls, which means four beautiful murals and a great dedication. 


The French street artist Charles Leval aka Levalet became famous for his filling of concrete recesses and jagged sidewalks with black-and-while figures. Levalet’s subjects interact with the environment and always produce a reaction. Working mostly in Paris, the artist has the same process every time when he goes in a search for new spots. He first wanders around the city taking measurements, and then draws his figures in black ink and inserts them around the city. As he once told The Huffington Post, “I needed some place to put my [video] installations so, I turned video into drawings, and I went to the street”. His latest work entitled “15 minutes of fame” features two men, one holding a camera and other with a microphone, all directed to a can of soda.


The Italian artist Ozmo is famous for his amazingly wonderful murals done in a hyper-realistic style. His latest work was done only few days ago in Wynwood Miami featuring the image of the statue of Liberty and Michelangelo's sculpture of David. The 30 x 6 meters piece took six days to finish and the finishing result is more than fantastic. Great job!

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