Street Update #50

November 6, 2014

All Widewalls readers already know by now that Wednesday is the day for updates from the streets all over the world. We’ve gathered all the best works in the last week and brought them together for you to enjoy. The streets of Toronto, Canada have been enriched by an amazing piece done by their local street art star, Young Jarus in a collaboration with Rudjer. Another artist stayed home this week and adorned a wall in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia – it’s Rustam Qbic who completed a 9-story mural for the New City festival and in New Zealand. Two street art superstars, Phlegm and Pixelpancho, worked together on a stunning mural for the Dunedin Street Art Festival. Back in Europe, Etam Cru stopped by Rome, Italy to leave an amazing piece of art in conjunction with their first Italian solo show. In Switzerland, street artist CASE, one of the four members of MA`CLAIM crew, proved why he is considered to be one of the best rising stars in contemporary art today. Check out the gallery and choose your favorite mural!

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After the amazing job he did in Mexico, the Canadian street artist Young Jarus landed in his home town, Toronto for another amazing project. In a collaboration with his fellow artist Rudjer, Young Jarus made this fantastic large scale mural portraying a girl calmly laying in a bed, dressed in white and, if looked from a distance, it almost looks like a photograph. But contemporary realism achieved with spray paint isn’t something new for Jarus. The Canadian artist is famous for this highly realistic murals and portraits of ordinary women. Simply stunning!


With a wildly surreal imagination, artist Rustam QBic from Kazan, Russia creates dreamy and smooth murals that you can’t take your eyes from. Recently, Qbic completed a new 9-story mural in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia for the “New City” festival. The delicate mural is a true representation of what Qbic truly is about and how talented he is. As the name Blossom says, the mural covers the entire side of the building and depicts three individuals whose heads seem to literally “bloom” while reading books. Not only beautiful, Qbic’s works are educational as well, as he addresses the issue of importance of knowledge in our society. For those of you who want to visit and photograph this massive piece, it is located on UL. Chernyakhovsky 9A, Nizhny Novgorod.


Seems like Phlegm and Pixelpancho can read minds as they made our wishes come true and did a mural together. The piece was done in New Zealand for the Dunedin Street Art Festival and it looks amazing, as expected. Working around some architectural elements as well as some wall foliage, the signature characters from the UK-based Phlegm mixed well with the robotic tendencies of the Italy-based Pixel Pancho. Their work combines so wonderfully and not only do their styles seems similar when they’re next to one another, but the two artists supplement each other in a very unique way. We salute the decision to work together and hope for more these fantastic murals!


Sainer & Bezt from Etam Cru are currently in Rome for their first solo show in Italy at Varsi gallery that opened 30th of October. During their stay in the city, the Polish star duo created this large size mural on a 8-storey building that perfectly blended with the surrounding, which is something they’re amazing at. Interestingly enough, Etam Cru decided this time to do a mural without painting a background, using the building’s color and texture as a part of their work, which only added authenticity to the picture. Showing a dark haired old man with thick mustache, having a cup of coffee while rising from a rubbish bin, the piece has a lot of elements of the place and the country it is painted in. The mural can also be seen as a comment of an Italian or European economy situation.


CASE, one of the four members of MA`CLAIM crew, founded in the year 2000, is one of the most innovative and talented young artists making waves in contemporary German and international art. His pieces are extremely unique and effective, and many artists can envy him on his fantastic technique. He became noticed thanks to his precise usage of spray paint and the vivid and intense colors. His latest work was done in Basel, Switzerland and it features all of his recognizable signature marks. He also prefaces each work by setting up an intense photo shoot. We can’t wait to see what next for this amazing artist! Great job!

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