Street Update #51

November 13, 2014

This week’s mural round up begins with rookie and his yet astonishing forward-thinking mind. The mural was painted by a 25 year old Argentinian that openly rebels against the economic situation in his country with subtle beauty. Following is an experienced and beyond-well-established urban artist. Invited to Rome this master of mural painting picked up on the recklessness humans show towards the animal kingdom. The third presentation is an artist that paints marble on the walls of a former municipal pool in Berlin. The fourth highlight is probably also the biggest highlight we had so far. The incredible scale of this street art masterwork is breathtaking. Finally an Italian artist drifts to Argentina to be inspired by a Spanish. Uno, Zwei, Trois…

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Fran Bosoletti

The young Argentinian Fran Bosoletti created an outstanding mural in Viedma of his home country. The mural is outstanding with its harsh brush strokes, minimalistic color palette and vigorous imagery. The mural entitled Metamorphosis shows a man evolving from a bouquet of tulip flowers. The tulips represent the deeper meaning of the artwork. The tulip is the symbol of financial speculation, originating from the first financial crash. People where speculating on the price of tulips to tremendous prices before the bubble burst in 1637. With Metamorphosis Fran Bosoletti reference today’s financial market situation in Argentina. The man becomes a speculator.


There is no need to introduce ROA. So let’s write this: ROA is the second participant of the Dorothy Circus initiated project ‘Spray 4 Your Rights’. The first artists to participate was Eduardo Kobra. The mural the Brazilian painted a month ago was called Malala – Peace and was dedicated to women’s right. ROA dedication goes to the bio-diversity on earth. On November 5th ROA painted a gigantic baby bear holding a stunning dart in his hand. The melancholy hints towards the loss of his mother and the loneliness that surrounds him now. The artwork was inspired by the recent extinction of the Daniza bear in Italy. The bear was extinct by mistake. ROA titled his artwork Daniza. 


BLO’s routes lie in traditional graffiti in both material and techniques. However, the artist has undergone incredible development. His artworks posses an avant-garde sophistication associated with contemporary graphic design, comparable to the work of Tristan Eaton. BLO has evolved to an exceptional studio artist. Nonetheless he maintains his deep roots originating in street art. The latest example of his talents can be found on the walls of Berlin’s Stattbad Wedding. The mural titled Young Marble Giant is a fantastic mix of photorealism and surrealism. The huge artwork of 14m x 16m was created recently, in September, with the support of the contemporary urban art gallery OPEN WALLS.


The illusive MTO struck again. The master of photorealism has outdone himself yet again. MTO painted a 1900 square meter mural in Lexington, Kentucky. Sponsored by PRHBTN Festival he was given the opportunity to create a gigantic street art piece on the façade of an abandoned factory. The mural depicts a sprayer, equipped with gas mask and glasses, emerging from the darkness. The ‘monster’ he created has four hands. One holds an aerosol can, the second is clenched to a fist, the third hand creates the letter ‘M’ with his fingers and the fourth makes a circle. The monster MTO created is called MO.


Pixel Pancho

The Italian street artist Pixel Pancho is ‘Mr Robot’. The majority of his work has mechanical robots as the main subject. Pixel Pancho paints robots like people imagined them in the 1950’s. With large cogwheels, screws, bolts and metal frames. His most recent mural on the wall of Street Post Bar in Buenos Aires is another example of the artist’s fascination with the mechanical robots. In comparison to other Pixel Pancho murals this is a rather small sample of his signature ‘Salvador Dali’ mechanics. What’s fairly unique about this piece is the black bowler and pipe hovering above the robots head.

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