Street Update #52

November 20, 2014

Wednesdays at Widewalls are always exciting because it is the time for our latest updates from the streets! We select the best works in the last seven days, made by some of the best artists in the world right now and present you with the detailed report behind the event. Last week was extremely fun and creative as five of our chosen muralists traveled across the world in order to show their art to different audience. The Spanish artist Pejac went to London for a commission by the Sushisamba restaurant for which he made an amazing mural entitled Entelechy. On the other side of the world, Australian artist Fintan Magee stayed in Sydney and did an emotional and realistic mural called Domestic Bliss. In Mumbai, India, there’s a street art festival currently happening called St+art which brought some of the hottest names in street art right now and Dome was one of them, doing a simple, yet powerful work entitled Coming Home, making it his tallest piece so far. In San Diego, California, Phlegm participated in a project with an aim to preserve and warn the public about the importance of sharks, which is why the Sheffield born artist has chosen this particular fish as the topic of his work. The last, but not the least is the Chilean artist INTI who stopped by France to do a giant mural on the streets of Mulhouse. Check out our gallery and decide on your next trip location. Enjoy!

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The Spanish artist Pejac is someone we are always interested in knowing what he’s doing next. His latest work, the large indoor mural entitled “Entelechy”, was commissioned by the Sushisamba restaurant for their Heron Tower private entrance. The new mural mixes elements of his previous work – cherry blossom flowers from his recent image and sold out print release Sepukku (covered here), with a girl on a swing, one of the images he used to paint on windows. The finished large piece features a girl sitting on a swing that is tied to itself, with beautiful blooming sakura flowers. Just like the title says, the new piece is the artistic visualization of the philosophic term entelechy, which stands for “vital principle that guides the development and functioning of an organism.” After several days that took him for painting this beautiful piece, Pejac went back to his studio to work on a new print release that is scheduled for early December.

FINTAN MAGEE - Domestic Bliss

Street art superstar Fintan Magee is currently in his home country, Australia, where he just finished this brand new piece entitled “Domestic Bliss”. The Australian Banksy, as people call him, painted a portrait of the man Faintan saw walking pass his studio in Sydney wearing a vacuum cleaner and carrying a bird cage. Knowing his realistic style, it is no surprise the way he made the piece that covers three floors above Atchinson Lane in St Leonards. Magee colored the flannelette of the shirt with a watered-down acrylic paint. "It gives you the gestures," he says. The artist said and the people noticed that this is the first mural of its kind in the area and it’s more than beautiful. Stunning work by Mr. Magee, as usual!


Mumbai, India is currently the host to one of the largest urban art festivals that aims to gather 20 of the best street artist from India, as well as the ones around the world such as Akacorleone, Dome,  Gomez, Pobel - St+art. The festival will last until the last day of November and only few days ago, the illustrator and street artist DOME finished his long anticipated mural for the festival entitled “Coming Home”. The artist was informing his fans on his website about the process of creating the piece. The mural took three and a half days to finish and this was the tallest piece Dome has ever done. The piece was done in a monochrome way, featuring a person with the animal head, riding a bike and holding a fish beneath its arm. The simple, yet disturbing piece is not unusual for the artist and he stayed true to his black and while style. 


On his way back from New Zealand where he recently painted "The songbird pipe organ" mural, Phlegm stopped in sunny California to create another fantastic piece for PangeaSeed's Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans festival in San Diego. With the focus of their activity being raising public awareness and education about the conservation and preservation of sharks and other marine species, Sheffield born artist created a mural that covers the subject. Using his recognizable, powerful yet simple style with only black and while palette, Phlegm created this stunning piece featuring mechanic shark “working” thanks to his recognizable characters installed inside the creation. The image is an obvious warning of what may happen with our future if we don’t start taking better care about the marine life. The mural can be seen on 320 16th st, in downtown San Diego.


The impact that the Latin American culture has on its citizens in especially seen in their art. For the Chilean muralist INTI, it is seen through the vivid and colorful artwork and the topics he explores in his art. INTI is currently in France where he just finished working on a piece like this. Somewhere on the streets of Mulhouse, the artist spent several days up high on his cherry picker to finish this fantastic piece on this tall building. The finishing result is stunning – a wonderfully fun and vibrant mural showing one of his signature characters handing out a bowl of cotton. As always, INTI never manages to let us down and this is why he is one of the most active artists on the street art scene right now.

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