Street Update #53

November 26, 2014

Even though the year is coming to an end, this didn’t stop our favorite street artists from doing what they’re best at – adorning walls across the globe. The week behind us was very busy. Our artists traveled the world in order to show to the local community their best work. West London, UK got the highest mural ever seen in the country thanks to the ingenuity of British born artist Stik. On the other half of the world, in Argentina, two wonderful artists created fantastic mural that will be talked about for a long time. The artists in question are Argentina’s own Fran Bosoletti and one of the biggest stars in street art today, Italian superstar Pixel Pancho. Street artist Aec, best known as one of the member of the street art crew Interesni Kazki, flew to Cyprus to take part in their Ayia Napa Street Art Festival. Tackling the questions of myth, tradition and legends he often draws inspiration from, the Ukrainian artist played with these elements by creating an outstanding piece. The currently ongoing Color Walk Festival in Ciudad Juarez welcomed numerous artists and one of them was Franco Fasoli aka JAZ who portrayed the fight between good and the evil, alluding it to the city’s ongoing struggle with the violence. The amazingly talented street artist Faith47 stopped by in Rome for the Outdoor Festival and once again proved why she is considered to be one of the most significant artists of her generation. Take a look at our gallery of murals and choose your personal favorite. Enjoy!

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British artist Stik has just finished a mural in West London. The newly completed 125 ft high mural entitled “Big Mother” is now the tallest street artwork in the UK. The mural depicts a mother and child in Stik’s signature stick figure-like style. Stik is a former homeless street artist who first became famous for his mural saying: “Affordable housing in Britain is under threat, this piece is to remind the world that all people need homes”. The Charles Hocking House was built for low income families in 1967 and is earmarked to be torn down in 2016. If you are in the area, you'll be able to find it at Charles Hocking House, Bollo Bridge Road, South Acton, W3 8DA East Acton Estate, 10 minutes from Acton Town tube station. The piece is also visible from the Piccadilly line and London flight paths. 


After visiting New Zealand a few weeks ago, the Italian artist Pixel Pancho is currently in Argentina, on his trip in South America. The Italian muralist teamed up with Fran Bosoletti, to paint this amazing piece in Bosoletti’s native city of Armstrong. The mural features Pixel Pancho’s signature robotic imagery combined with some of Bosoletti’s characters picturing two horses hauling a carriage with a family in it. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice a Pixel Pancho’s inserted robot dragging the horses. The two artists seem to have an amazing energy and their art coincides so beautifully that we can only hope to see more collaborations from these guys.


After a big patriotic mural he did in his hometown of Kiev, Ukraine, street artist Aec from the crew Interesni Kazki flew to Cyprus to take part in Ayia Napa Street Art Festival. The artists fascination with myths, traditions, legends and times past, inspired his latest mural on an island with a rich history. The finishing result is this enormous mural entitled Reappearance of Ancient Civilization, showing mythological creatures alongside modern day people at the beach Aec thus makes a connection between ancient legends and today's reality of the island. It took the artist almost a week to finish, and it’s overlookin the beach front in Ayia Napa.


The currently ongoing Color Walk Festival in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico welcomed numerous artists from around the globe. One of them is the Argentinian street artist Franco Fasoli aka JAZ. The large-scale piece features a number of different creatures painted in multiple colors and types standing up against the evil, epitomized by a black snake painted in the middle. The fact that this was the subject of Fasoli’s work was no accident – Ciudad Juarez has been a place of tremendous amounts of violence for years, with more than half of the city’s businesses closing as a result. The artwork is not only very courageous and impressive in size, but also carries a strong message, standing as a reminder to cartels in the area that people do not support them and that they will stand against it. 

FAITH47 at Outdoor Festival

The wonderful street artist Faith47 recently spent some time in Italy where she was one of the participators of the Outdoor Festival to paint a piece on the streets of Rome. The artwork entitled Madonna Mia Proteggimi is a large mural the South African painter created to reflect upon the dangerous passage taken by stowaways in their journey over the oceans to idealized promised lands. Faith47 said about the piece “this new artwork reflects upon the dangerous passage taken by stowaways in their journey over the oceans to idealized promised lands, [that is] textured with scrawlings referenced from writings by stowaways found under bridges in port towns.”

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