Street Update #54

December 3, 2014

Even though the year is coming to an end, in the world of art, things are only heating up. Our favorite artists are working more than ever, they’re traveling and leaving their signature marks on walls across the globe. Widewalls every week runs down for you five of the most exciting new murals on the streets of the world, and introduces you to the story behind it. The week behind us was more than thrilling thanks to the collaboration of Artez and Lonac, Serbian and Croatian artists, who worked together on a mural in Banja Luka, Bosnia And Herzegovina, making street art history, since this is the city’s first large scale mural. In the meantime, street art legend Shepard Fairey joined forces with his crew and did a diptych piece as his support to the release of the newest Interpol album. Australian street art star Fintan Magee is currently in his home country where he just finished another beautiful mural featuring his signature characters, while the Portuguese street artist Bordalo II also made a statement in his own country by installing one new piece featuring a fantastic grey heron that was made using the artist’s signature materials. Last, but not the least is the work by Nychos, who flew to Miami for the upcoming Miami Art Basel and for this occasion painted one fantastic large scale mural. Check out our gallery and chose your personal favorite! Enjoy!

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The American artist Shepard Fairey and his team stopped by the streets of Brooklyn few days ago and painted this diptych piece as a support to the release of the newest Interpol album. Fairey, as usual, quickly worked his way through this signature piece sporting his usual color palette. The artist described the story behind the collaboration: “EL PINTOR means “the painter” in Spanish but is an anagram of INTERPOL. When approaching our new collaboration, I liked the challenge of creating an anagram from a song title. Daniel Kessler suggested “Everything Is Wrong” as the song for me to interpret. I love that song, so my thinking was to find a middle ground between Interpol’s aesthetics, lyrics for the song, and my art style and concepts. The lyrics to “Everything Is Wrong” are open to interpretation, but whether the song is about hard living, relationship failures, wear and tear on the environment, or an empire mentality, regret for poor decisions seems to be the theme. I decided to explore the idea of being complicit in a personal relationship or a relationship with a system that one realizes is unhealthy.”

FINTAN MAGEE - The Migration

Australian superstar, often called Australian Banksy, is currently in his home country where he just finished a brand new piece. Famous for his socially involved topics and subjects, Fintan Magee painted a piece entitled “The Migration” featuring some of his signature characters carrying a house on their back. The realistically painted mural is located in Perth, Australia and it represents only the latest one in the series of artworks done by the artist in his home country. Great job, as always!

BORDALO II - O Bairro i o Mundo

Since the last time we heard from the Portuguese street artist Bordalo II when he was in Covilhã finishing his fantastic owl, the artist is now in Loures, Porgual where he just finished a brand new street installation. The artwork entitled “O Bairro i o Mundo” took few days to finish and the end result is breathtaking, as expected. It features this fantastic grey heron that was made using Bordalo’s signature materials such as trash and found objects. The massive piece is installed on a colorful and vivid background and finished by adding dots in many different colors that give the monochromatic installation a contrast and make it seem more natural. We’re looking forward to his next project and until then, we’ll be enjoying this stunning piece of art.


One of the biggest stars on the urban art scene, the Austrian artists Nychos, always manages to surprise us with his latest works. Last week he flew to Miami for the upcoming Miami Art Basel and for this occasion the artist painted this large scale mural. The piece entitled “Miami slice” prevails with pink color and the artist used his signature dissection elements. Art Basel is a magnet to many and this year Nychos got things popping with this magnificent Flamingo design. Featured on a bright pink building, the artwork definitely captures the flavor of its surrounds. Famous for his emphasis on the details, Nychos worked very hard to make sure that this piece will be ready and good enough for such an important event as Art Basel Miami and he sure managed to do so! Fantastic work!


Croatian artist Lonac and Serbian artist Artez recently joined forces and visited Banja Luka in Bosnia And Herzegovina where the two artists made the very first large scale mural in the city. The mural entitled “Find Your Way To Fly” is the first collaboration between two artists and it proved to be a very successful one. This vivid and colorful piece is a result of an invitation by the local Flaster Jam organization and took almost an entire week to finish. Mixing Artez's bright colors and cheerful patterns with Lonac's masterful photo realistic elements, this surrealist piece surely brightens up the side of a residential building somewhere in Banja Luka. The piece complements the artists’ great skills and technique, as well as their ability to create a complex and beautiful piece together.

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