Street Update #55

December 17, 2014

Even though last week you selected 10 of the best and most popular murals from Art Basel Miami, today we’re presenting you with another series of beautiful and stunning works by Miami art fair participants. Also, one of Germany’s best and most talented street art stars has done a mural in his home country. Starting with the multitalented artist from France MTO who needed a few days to complete a fantastic mural entitled “The Death Of The Neighborhood”, the Wynwood District is prettier than it was two weeks ago. At the same time, his Irish colleague Fin DAC did another mural in his signature paint/stencil style he calls “Urban Aesthetics”. Another well-known name that came to Miami for Art Basel is Martin Ron who was invited by Vice Gallery to paint a new piece entitled “From Argentina With Love” in the district of Wynwood, while the Frenchman Romain Froquet painted a fantastic piece called “Urban Trees”. On the other part of the world, in Hamburg, a group of German artists Innerfields has painted a large piece entitled “Fischernetz” that beautifully reflects the surroundings and flavor of the old-school Hamburg harbor, in contrast with the creative industry that dominates the area. Check out our gallery and enjoy the stunning works we have prepared for you for this week’s edition of Street Update! If you want to determine next week's outcome follow us on Facebook and like your favorite murals.

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Even though Art Basel Miami has finished more than a week ago, visitors and street art fans are still taking about the wonderful murals that will be adorning walls of Wynwood, Miami until the next year’s art fair. One of the participants of this year’s biggest art fair is the French multitalented artist MTO (short for Mateo). The artwork entitled “The Death Of The Neighborhood” took a few days to complete and it’s a great representation of a strong statement over the local gentrification. Famous for his hyperrealistic, larger-than-life murals, MTO has this time taken a step back from his usual style that is consisted of painting mostly black and white images, and added red and grey making it more noticeable and fun. Great work!


For the Irish artist Fin DAC who also participated in the nearly finished Art Basel in Miami, street art is all about crossing boundaries and accepted, traditional visual language. He perfected an atypical paint/stencil style he called “Urban Aesthetics”, which is, basically, a modern-day take on a 19th century art movement. The fact that he is self-taught and non-conformist artist, Fin DAC’s realistic work earn his an enviable place in the art community and he became a regular figure in high end gallery shows. For Miami’s art fair, Fin DAC did two murals portraying his signature characters, Asian woman, dressed in traditional clothes and highly emphasizes eye area. The first piece is located at the Jose De Diego Middle School for the Raw Project and the second piece can be seen at Suviche, 2751 North Miami Avenue.


Murals are not an often sight in Hamburg nowadays, so whenever a new one emerges, it is quite exciting. One of the latest in the German city is by a creative pool of extraordinary Berlin artists with a keen sense for new topics, trends and techniques called Innerfields. The large piece entitled “Fischernetz” features a huge fisherman tattooed with logos of social media in the back yard of a marketing agency. The hyper realistic mural is an obvious reference to the surroundings and flavor of the old-school Hamburg harbor, in contrast with the creative industry that dominates the area nowadays. We’re looking forward to seeing what the Berlin crew is preparing for us in the future.


Another well-known name that came to Miami for Art Basel is Martin Ron who was invited by Vice Gallery to paint a new piece in the district of Wynwood. The piece entitled “From Argentina With Love” features a hyper realistic and surrealist imagery at the same time, a signature mark for Martin Ron. The huge mural that dominated in green color, covers a whole wall in the Wynwood District and features a nude levitating female body holding a transparent ball. The technique that Martin Ron owns is truly amazing and it’s no wonder he is considered one of the most talented young artists from South America. Great job!


Another artist who stopped by Art Basel Miami and left an artistic mark on the streets of Wynwood District is a Frenchman Romain Froquet. His extremely accurate technique and unique style resonate with the visitors and his meticulous geometric shapes are more than stunning. With his latest work entitled “Urban Trees”, Romain Froquet painted three trees using mostly blue color. Through these geometric forms, we presume a constant search for balance. They are expressed as the mirror of the artist’s soul, and it is thanks to them that everything is visible. Great job, as usual!

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