Street Update #56      

December 24, 2014

Two weeks before we officially wrap the year 2014, the street art community is working as hard as ever. Our favorite artists are traveling the world, painting, adorning wall of capitals, as well as small towns to introduce people to their art. The week behind is full of stunning artworks, unusual murals and interesting collaborations. German artist Tasso stopped by Cali, Columbia for the Bienal de Murales and for this occasion painted an almost unbelievable 3D like artwork blending nature with the artist’s tag. In Dominican Republic, two very talented artists gathered around one project – the artists are Axel Void and Faith47 with the disturbing yet fantastic mural done for the ArtSano Street Art Festival. Back in Miami, although the Art Basel is over, visitors are still talking about the beautiful works artists created, and one of them was the Russian artist Morik. In the meantime, Guido van Helten went home to Perth, Australia and painted a portrait based on “Certificate of Exemption from Dictation Test”, an immigration document of an Afghan Cameleer “Said Kabool”, from Western Australia in 1916. Last, but not least, is the mesmerizing mural by the Argentinian street artist Fran Bosoletti done in his home country. Enjoy the gallery!

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Ever since his first piece in 1991 under the pseudonym GESHWAY, the German multitalented artist Tasso (aka Ta55o) has been conquering the art world. Even though famous for his unbelievably fantastic usage of spray paint, Tasso has also made some impressive works on canvas like sketches, drawing and drippings. His most recent work is a 3D mural done in Cali, Columbia for their Bienal de Murales. The founder of the art group Ma’claim painted a stunning scene of plant life and a peaceful allure that it evokes. In the same image, we can see a representation of the artist’s name, done in his signature transparent, 3D way, which looks like an un-natural occurrence in the environment. Tasso’s ability to paint this complex murals is quite unique and difficult at the same time. We can only say great job!


After the highly successful collaboration with Alexis Diaz for Art Basel Miami, the South African contemporary and urban artist Faith47 has learned the fun and excitement in making a joint project and an art piece. This time, the amazingly talented artist has teamed up with the Spanish artist Axel Void in Dominican Republic where the two artists have joined forces and created one quite unusual artwork. In town for the ArtSano Street Art Festival, the recently formed duo spent a few days working on a piece depicting a dissected pig’s head. The amazingly detailed work, although done in realistic colors, still leaves a murky impression.


Once again we are going back, for the last time this year, to one of the works done at 2014 edition of Art Basel Miami. Hailing from the cold shores of Sibera, Morik was in Wynwood where he was given the chance to paint a mural for the side event of the Art Basel called Miami Ad School. The Russian born street artist spent several days on trying to make this fantastic piece as beautiful as possible, and he managed to do that. The piece inspired by the issues of Cuban immigration to the United States of America, perfectly blends with the bright blue sky, as well as it makes a perfect contrast to the dark and warm night in Miami. As the artist himself says, “Everyone has the right for a better life”.


The Icelandic street artist Guido Van Helten is currently in Australia where he spent the last few days working on this massive artwork somewhere on the streets of Perth. The portrait is based on “Certificate of Exemption from Dictation Test”, an immigration document of an Afghan Cameleer “Said Kabool”, from Western Australia in 1916.

“Dictation tests were an immigration method designed to keep non-white migrants out of Australia under the immigration restriction act in 1901 (white Australia Policy.) Many Afghans were exempt from these tests however as they existed as the backbone of Western Australian economy, supplying mining towns through the desert with their camel trains. The Afghans also built the first mosques in Australia in the 1860's and the first Perth mosque in 1905, which was recently vandalised along with 2 other Islamic sites in Perth.

Today people of 'middle eastern appearance' are currently promoted in the media as the new portrait of fear, the visual identity of a common enemy utilised to bring unity and implement law. The mention of Islam and Islamist is referred to only in the context of terrorism, a threat to the Australian way of life. This is the new ‘Cultural Racism’ replacing the old (white Australia) kind, where ethnic communities are differentiated as being a ‘threat to the cultural integrity’ of who or what is ‘Australian’ or ‘Un-Australian.’ This Contradiction and ingrained racism persist in the mainstream against our almost entirely migrant backgrounds.

Islam in Australia has roots…“ - Guido Van Helten


The Argentinian street artist Fran Bosoletti always amazes us with his beautiful and seemingly effortless work. Currently, he is back in the streets of Cañada de Gómez in the province of Santa Fé, Argentina where he just finished this new mural titled “Guardián Anti-Urbe”. The title of the mural refers to its character, a guardian of green spaces fighting uncontrolled urban planning that seems to watch over the green spot in front of him. The mural aims to emphasize the important topics as urban green spaces (parks, forests, green roofs, streams and community gardens). These spaces not only provide critical ecosystem services but also promote physical activity, psychological well-being, and the public health of urban residents. Beautiful job, as always.

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