Street Update #61

February 4, 2015

While beginning of January is usually about summing up impressions from the year behind us, end of the month and the beginning of February are quite thrilling and exciting, especially in the chaotic world of art. These weeks are usually filled with numerous street art festivals and it’s one of the times of the year when artists are most active and last week had only confirmed this. Street artist Guido van Helten was part of the Australian street art festival in Port Adelaide and for this occasion the very talented artist showed his best skills, while in Los Angeles, California were three artists from our list, although for different reasons. While Drew Merritt repeated his collaboration with The Container Yard, artists Tristan Eaton and Esao Andrews who worked together on a brand new piece, only to have left Los Angeles and went to Hawaii for the POW! WOW! street art festival. In London, Mr Cenz presented his latest signature portrait and despite the difficult weather conditions that he was in, Cenz still managed to create the best possible piece of work. Last but not least is the French street art veteran Kurar who left Berliners a new stencil to enjoy. Check out our gallery and choose the one you like the most!

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Some of the world’s most promising names, as well as some of the renewed ones, got together in Port Adelaide, Australia to be part of the fantastic street art festival Wonderwalls. More than 20 local, national and international artists are on a mission to transform the walls of old city buildings, creating beautiful art works. One of the participants was the artist Guido Van Helten, who came to hot Australia all the way from Iceland. The popular and talented muralist painted for this occasion a stunning piece in an indoor space entitled The Dance. After a finished project in December, also in Australia, van Helten decided to repeat the success and paint another one of his signature artworks, portraits. By making delicate and elegant pieces, van Helten gives his subjects a vintage atmosphere with a deeply sentimental quality.

DREW MERRITT - woman in her lingerie

We wrote about Drew Merritt, the most famous artist no one has ever heard of, only few weeks ago when he left us stunned with his powerful mural of Andy Warhol on the Container Yard in Los Angeles, California. This time, the location hasn’t changed but the theme did. Showing versatility and artistic range, Merritt this time decided to paint a large mural of a woman in her lingerie laying in her bed, asleep. Although we’ve seen many murals depicting this same pose, Merritt’s work has something many don’t – unobtrusive simplicity, which makes that perfect boundary between a vulgar and an artistic piece.


Eight years after his last solo show in a gallery, Mr Cenz presented his new body of work at London’s Pure Evil Gallery last October. Featuring complex and highly detailed portraits, Mr Cenz created a base for his latest mural finished in London few days ago. Another one among the numerous fantastic distinctive pieces that can be found all over streets of London, the location this time was Make Space Studios. Despite the terrible weather conditions like cold wind and infamous London rain, the talented artist quickly made his way through and the end result is much more than satisfying. Portraying a woman’s face painted in mostly purple tones, Mr Cenz once again showed off his best skills. Great job!


Starting at a very early age, around 17 years old, French street artist Kurar became a member of the new emerging generations of the street art movement. It was around 2000s that the talented young artist began manipulating spray paints and work on the 3D, the volume, and the color. Over time and experience, Kurar started diversifying his techniques, Graff, Vandal, Stencil, Sticking, always in order to making reaction and leaving a mark in the time. His latest piece was done in Berlin, Germany for the Urban Nation group show where the witty and talented artist left the newest stencil. Featuring a girl captivated by interesting content on television, we see both the negative and critical side of the piece as well as the artist’s sense of humor and his undoubted talent.


One of the first collaborations this year presents the newest piece by Tristan Eaton and Esao Andrews. The mutual respect and friendship that lasts more than 15 years manifested through this stunning mural commissioned by Static Medium Print & Photo in Eaton’s hometown of Los Angeles, California. The mural complimented both of the artist’s technique and their styles perfectly blended in this highly detailed piece. But not only did Eaton and Andrews manage to finish this collaborative piece in a very short time, they also got the invitation to participate in the fifth edition of POW! WOW! Hawaii street art festival. Running for a week until its closing on February 14th, the festival will host numerous international and local artists that will get the chance to show off the amazing skills and adorn walls of Hawaii. Check out our articles for the full list of participating artists as well as the painting schedule by clicking here.

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