Street Update #62

February 11, 2015

Prepare yourselves because today we’re bringing you the best of last week’s artworks from the streets across the globe! February started as a quite active and busy month for our favorite artists and we got murals to prove it! American street art talent Axel Void is currently in Chennai, India where he just finished a mural honoring some of its citizens. If you want to read about the atmosphere from the Chennai street art festival, check out the exclusive chronicles from our collaborator, German artist LOOK the Weird who sums up all the interesting street art information live from India just for our Widewalls readers. Meanwhile, artist Whoam Irony and Phlegm are in their home country, United Kingdom, doing what they do best – making great art. In Brazil, some of the hottest street artists in the world gathered for an amazing collaboration – artists Os Gemeos and JR just finished one lovely mural in the streets of Sao Paolo, Brazil after what the trio when on to do other projects. And last, but not least is one of the favorite artists from Balkans, Croatian street artist Lonac who painted one stunning photorealistic piece. Check out our gallery and enjoy!

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As we’re bringing you the insight from one of the hottest street art festivals located in Chennai, India thanks to the chronicles by the fantastic street artist LOOK the Weird (read part 3 of LOOK the Weird's chronicles), for this edition of Street Update we’re showing you the latest mural by the amazingly talented Axel Void. Miami born street artist has just finished a mural on the streets of Chennai, the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where he spent a few days. Situated in the main entrance of the Greenways Train Station, the piece is part of the Mediocre series and it shows the portrait of Krishnaveni, an old lady that sleeps and lives right next to the wall. The station is a very vivid and specific place, known as a home to many alcoholics and homeless people. This mural is a tribute to all of them.


The British born street artist Whoam Irony just finished a piece in Walton, Liverpool that he painted as part of the Liverpool Streetart Festival. The location used for the mural is the former Ethel Austin building in County Road which has been empty for years. As the city’s Councillor Roy Gladden stated for the local newspaper, the piece is the first part of a project of rejuvenating the area and, since the Austin building was the first thing you saw as you came into the area, it was of great importance that the piece was done there. The scaffolding that was taken down ten days ago revealed the beautiful image of a woman with multicoloured flowing hair and the fact that the piece wasn’t football related made it even more exciting.


Brazilian street art scene is one of the most active and talented right now and when you have even two legends from Brazil on a mutual project, the effect and the importance is even greater (read about the birth of graffiti in Brazil in our feature When Graffiti Matters the Most - Brazil). February started with the fantastic new collaboration between most famous twins in street art, Os Gemeos, and the internationally acclaimed artist JR. Working in Sao Paolo, Brazil, before moving to do other projects, the multitalented street art trio quickly worked their way on this beautiful piece which is featuring each artist's distinctive style – Os Gemeos’ signature character and politically charged art by JR.


After the amazing mural he painted in Malmo two weeks ago, the British muralist did it again with his latest piece in his hometown of Sheffield, UK. Quickly going through the piece, the extremely talented artist once again brought to life one of his signature monochrome characters that visitors will be able to find at Rare & Racy. They say that the value of a great artist is their uniqueness and recognizable style and these are all elements that we find in Phlegm’s work. Painted above the famous local store selling books and records, the artist painted one of his famous characters reading what seems to be newspaper. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s next for the amazing artist!


We’re already written about the fantastic artistry of the Croatian street artist Lonac whose great talent and amazing collaborations brought his to our Widewalls list several times. Now, this photorealistic maestro is back in business with a brand new piece which he just finished somewhere on the streets of Zagreb, capital of Croatia. Lonac quickly wrapped up this piece which is entitled Buzz Off, the text reads Fuck Off… I fish to paint something else!! Well, we wish him more of fantastic works like this one! Great job!

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