Street Update #63

February 18, 2015

There never seems to be a dull moment in the world of street art and it is always amazing how quickly these impressive looking murals suddenly appear on the streets and it is a real credit to the artists involved that they can create constantly on such a large scale with always spectacular results. This past week has been extremely busy and saw the fifth edition of POW! WOW! Hawaii drawing to a close that has transformed the streets of the Kaka’ako district of Honalulu with a vast array of street art and murals being created by over eighty street artists. The resulting murals from POW! WOW! Hawaii is always impressive, you can check out some of the previous works here and 2015 looks to have been equally successful. Secretive Belgian artist ROA was on hand to transform one neighbourhood corner with his distinctive black and white creatures while American street art muralist Tristan Eaton, aided by his brother Matthew, created a massive and stunning mural rich in both detail and colour. Etam Cru also hit Hawaii, the Polish duo creating another image rich in the language of fairy tale illustrations. Elsewhere in the world, a ‘three man wrecking crew’ took to a wall in the downtown area of Los Angeles in the shape of a collaboration between El Mac, Kofi and Nuke who created a beautiful portrait of an old lady and finally French street artist Seth Globepainter was to be found in Rome where he painted one of his trademark faceless character murals. Take a look through the gallery of murals created recently and appreciate the artwork!

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The secretive graffiti artist ROA, from Ghent in Belgium livened up this street corner at POW! WOW! Hawaii, 2015 street art event with a beautiful pair of monochromatic sea creatures created in his distinctive hand painted black and white style. The mysterious ROA has become known for his intricate depictions of urban wildlife and often portrays creatures that are native to the area as the artist always allows the area he is working in to inform his artwork while also making statements about our attitudes towards animals. Also check out this impressive ROA mural.

Tristan Eaton - Samurai riding a horse

Known as a graffiti artist, street art muralist, illustrator and toy designer, Tristan Eaton always creates very impressive murals and this year at POW! WOW! Hawaii it was no different when he returned to the very same wall he so stylishly transformed last year. Assisted by his brother Matthew Eaton, the American street artist created this stunning image of a Samurai riding a horse, full of intricate textures, patterns and various styles. The daunting Samurai and horse appear to have been collaged from giant magazine cuttings when observed from a distance and the elaborate details are sure to stop anyone in their tracks when they come face to face with the huge mural. Check out another horse inspired piece by Tristan.

Etam Cru

Polish graffiti duo Etam Cru (comprised of artists Sainer and Bezt) decided to bring winter with them to POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015 by crafting this rather cold looking child wrapped up in a large coat for a walk in sub-zero temperatures complete with red nose. The frozen looking child looks as if they are trying to catch snowflakes in their mouth and continues the theme of work created by the duo that often suggests a fondness for fantasy, fairy tales and Eastern European folklore, more of which can be seen in the article Opening: Etam Cru’s Bedtime Stories.

El Mac, Kofie & Nuke

This wall in downtown Los Angeles was hit by the ‘three man wrecking crew’ comprised of street artists El Mac, Kofie and Nuke who created this huge and beautiful mural of an old lady of Navajo descent that is indicated by the turquoise necklace she is wearing. The resulting mural is spectacular, not just for the grand scale of the image but also for the immense amount of detail that was created and for three artists to work on one piece of street art that has such a coherent result. Read an interview with Kofie in For The Sake of Creating and check out the El Mac mural To the Future.

Seth Globepainter

French artist Seth Globepainter continued his quest to cover the world with colourful street art by visiting Rome in Italy to create this thoughtful mural that features one of his trademark faceless characters. Creating works that are often playful and political, the artist this time painted a child balanced on a ladder they have drawn with the discarded pencil crayons that can be found scattered along the base of the building, the child’s head facing away lost in thoughts or perhaps escaping through a blue sky to another world. See another Seth Globepainter child mural here!

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