Street Update #64

February 25, 2015

Another week has flown by in the world of street art and murals with barely time to take a breath between new images appearing. One of the hot topics last week on Widewalls was the all female street art festival Femme Fierce: Reloaded 2015 that will take place in London during March and was preceded by a Femme Firece paint jam on the 15th February, in conjunction with the Rise Gallery in Croydon, where street art and murals were created. Unfortunately news just reached us that all that work was vandalised in less than a week (see Femme Fierce Street Art Vandalised), so although no images are included this week, spare a thought when browsing the great works in this street update for those who worked hard only to see their efforts destroyed . POW! WOW! Hawaii may be well behind us now but a few late images have emerged including a magnificent new mural by Akut, who forms one half of the duo Herakut, that has to be included, part of the Saints series, the piece entitled My Real Challenges Were Outside The Ring was based on a sketch made by Hera. Ludo has continued his quest to dominate the world, last week he was in Italy and now he has popped up in China while Axel Void completed a massive mural as part of the St+ART street art festival in Delhi. Meanwhile, Italian graffiti and street artist Eron was busy completing an amazingly delicate mural of birds in Riccione, Italy while Naples become home to a fascinating new work by Bifido. Until next week, enjoy the views.

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Akut - Real Challenges Were Outside Of the Ring

Akut was recently at POW! WOW! Hawaii to represent Herakut at the street art festival, this time painting alone but basing the mural on a sketch that Hera had created. The impressive mural, entitled My Real Challenges Were Outside Of the Ring, took a long four days to complete and forms part of the duos Saints series. The image depicts a toy wrestling man delicately feeding a baby with a bottle and represents the challenges that many people overcome in their daily lives that we should rightly be proud of. The eye catching mural combines a wonderfully raw background with the expressive and detailed figures that one has come to expect from Herakut images.


Last week he was in Rome, Italy and now Ludo has popped up in China where he is preparing for a solo exhibition at the end of March in Shanghai. Some of his distinctive creatures and skulls have appeared in the north western province of Fujian in the city of Nanping where they add a certain something to the concrete canvas while also looking strangely at home. This particular image was placed on a rooftop where it overlooks a spectacular and ramshackle skyline, hiding from the eyes of the locals and looking as if it is waiting for some innocent person to accidentally stumble by! See a recent creation in London by Ludo.

Axel Void

Axel Void was busy in India creating this absolutely huge mural as part of the St+ART Delhi street art festival that is entitled Life. One of the main themes behind St+ART Delhi street art festival is that the artists should create work inspired by the local community and Axel Void created this beautiful classical inspired still life on the side of Delhi Cold Storage, the largest fruit and vegetable market in Asia and located next to a mosque. Axel Void states the mural talks about life in the market, that lies in an area full of noise and constant activity, while the mural itself adds a moment of calm reflection for the bustling neighbourhood.

Eron - Concrete vs Concrete

Eron (Davide Salvadei) is one of the most well know exponents of Italian graffiti and street art who has developed a unique and original style that is particularly stunning. His work is to be found on the ceiling of the church of San Martino, Riparotta, Rimini, while rumour has it that a worker tried in vain to ‘fix’ a hole that Eron had painted on the wall as part of an installation in the Art Museum of Ravenna! This excellent mural created recently in Riccione by Eron, entitled Concrete vs Concrete, shows why that worker thought the hole he was trying to fix was real, as this lifelike bird emerges from the drab concrete wall and comes to life while taking flight and looking as if it will take to the skies above Italy. Read more about the From Street To Art group exhibition that Eron was involved in.

Bifido - Play Is Not A Crime

Italian artist Bifido doesn't give out biographical details and if he does it’s usually not true so we have to rely on his work to discover the man. This paste up mural recently appeared in Naples, the hometown of Bifido and forms part of a series of street art pieces with the theme of Play Is Not A Crime and is entitled Gulliver’s Travel that portrays a child in a wheelchair being tied down by another child in the style of the well known stories by Jonathan Swift, often referred to as Gulliver’s Tales. The work of Bifido, as can be seen in this thought provoking mural, are often created with social and political messages.

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