Street Update #66

March 11, 2015

The world of street art and murals never seems to sleep, blink for a second and you will miss some wonderful new artwork that has appeared, it can be a struggle to keep up with all the latest developments! This week the Street Update shows you just what a global phenomenon street art has become as Widewalls brings you recent murals from exotic locations such as Australia, India, United States, Slovenia and London. Chinese artist DALeast has been busy in India, Tibet and China but managed to squeeze in a visit to street art festival St+ART Delhi in India to create a stunning mural of birds on a fascinating building that definitely has that WOW factor. Meanwhile, Croatian artist Miron Milić has supplied Ljubljana in Slovenia with one of his amazingly crafted and detailed murals, that provides a perfect escape for those shopping at the market place it overlooks and Australian based street artist Guido Van Helten has left one of his beautiful and very stunning portraits, based on an image from the archives of the Aboriginal Legal Service, to overlook the lucky residents of Redfern, Sydney. Addison Karl, one half of the creative street art and mural team of JBAK, was recently busy in Phoenix, Arizona, creating murals in tribute to sculptor John Waddell and architect Frank Henry and last but by no means least, Iranian street artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo hit the streets of Shoreditch, London, while taking some time out to prepare for his show with Howard Griffin Gallery, to create a new mural that plays with perception and depth. Enjoy looking at these recently created murals and until next week, keep watching the walls.

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Chinese street artist DALeast arrived recently for the St+ART Delhi, which you can read more about in ST+ART Delhi 2015, after travelling through China, India and Tibet to create this stunning and dynamic mural in his signature style. The mural of a flock of birds was created on a fascinating building containing an arch in the middle with a bush growing out of it, the birds seemingly rushing and fighting each other to make it through the archway. DALeast has become known for his stunning representations of animals that often look as if they are constructed from thousands of small pieces; this new mural breaks the normal use of featuring one large animal in favour of the flock of birds with stunning results.

Miron Milić

Croatian artist and illustrator Miron Milić recently spent ten cold days in Ljubljana, Slovenia creating this beautiful new mural that resembles an illustration from an old black and white book. Looking like an illustration for a botanical book, the mural looks to be the inside of a greenhouse, full of exotic plants painted in his distinctive style that has seen the street artist quite rightly receiving a lot of attention for his large scale outdoor murals. This new mural was created for Kino Šiška as part of their Mural Arts program and overlooks Vodnik Square in the centre of the city.

Source: Street Art News

Guido Van Helten

Now here is a mural that is going to stop the locals of Refern, Stydney, in their tracks when they come across it. Australian street artist Guido Van Helten created this realistic and stunning portrait recently, which the artist created with an image from the Aboriginal Legal Service, a service that was started in Redfern in 1970 and provided free legal advice to Indigenous Australians. Guido Van Helten has become known for his impressive portraits that are often informed by photographic reference material that is local and culturally important to the area he is working in. The vintage style murals are often considered sentimental and nostalgic but there is no doubting the sheer power of the work when created on such a large scale.

Addison Karl

Addison Karl, one half of the street art and mural team JBAK with James Bullough, has been busy recently creating a couple of new murals in Phoenix, Arizona featuring portraits of sculptor John Waddell and architect Frank Henry. The thoughtful portrait here of Frank Henry was created with a beautifully icy selection of colours that looks as if it could have been created with pencil crayons. The two new murals were created as support for the preservation of Bimson Park, the grounds that were created around the Valley National Bank for all residents of Phoenix to enjoy, with plans to use the park as a sculpture garden featuring the work of Henry Waddell which will reinforce the site design that was originally created by Frank Henry.

Mehdi Ghadyanloo

Iranian artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo has become recognised for his impressive murals in Tehran, creating escapist and surreal dreamscapes to help beautify the walls of his grey and polluted city. This latest work though, is on the streets of Shoreditch in London, where the street artist has was preparing for his recent debut solo show with Howard Griffin Gallery. The artist found time to hit the streets of Shoreditch to create this visually fascinating mural that plays with the ideas of perspective, perception and depth. The simple but effective mural techniques employed by Mehdi Ghadyanloo in this piece have created another reality on the side of this building, with impressive results. Read more in Mirage of Redemption.

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