Street Update #67

Street Update

March 18, 2015

It’s that time of the week again, when Widewalls takes a look at what our globetrotting street artist friends have been doing in terms of murals! Mexico has seen an influx of street artists recently, invited by renowned Mexico City based gallery, Fifty24MX, to create a number of murals for Manifesto MX. Manifesto is a street art initiative that aims to address the social and political situation that currently exists in Mexico, offering street artists the chance to voice their opinions in the form of murals. Italian artist Blu was recently there where he created a mural with his version of the Mexican flag, which you can read about in our Blu Gets Political article. One of Argentina’s most well-known street artists, JAZ, also dropped off in Mexico recently to create his version of the Mexican national crest for Manifest MX. A beautifully crafted mural, resembling a watercolour painting but with hard hitting imagery, it is a striking piece of artwork. Meanwhile, Pixel Pancho dropped into East London to prepare for his solo exhibition, Memory of Our Life, at StolenSpace Gallery, but found some time to team up with Evoca1 to create a wonderful collaboration that can be found in Hanbury Street. The very talented Phlegm was also in London, creating one of his signature murals in Shoreditch, which is rapidly becoming a street art canvas for many of the top street artists. Belgian street artist DZIA was busy in the city of Vilvoorde, Belgium, where he created his masterful Gold Fox and finally for this street update, Icy & Sot were in Berlin for the Brooklyn Street Art curated Project M/7 for Urban Nation. Enjoy the murals and keep watching the walls.


Franco Fasoli, better known as JAZ in the street art world, is one of the most respected street artists to emerge from Argentina. JAZ was recently in Mexico as part of Manifest MX, organised by the Mexico City based Fifty24MX gallery, where street artists are invited to create murals that relate to the social and political climate in modern day Mexico. This stunning and sensitive mural that JAZ created while in Mexico, represents his version of the Mexican national crest complete with his recognisable characters. The new mural shows off his unique style and techniques that allow him to create murals that look as if they are watercolour paintings created on the finest paper!

Pixel Pancho & Evoca1

Pixel Pancho has been very busy recently, the Italian street artist was in London to launch his solo exhibition, Memory of Our Life, at the StolenSpace gallery but still found time to paint a couple of murals while there. This particular beauty was a collaboration with the South Florida based street artist Evoca1 and can be found on Hanby Street in East London. Evoca1 has become known for his sensitive and photorealistic street art that here presents itself in the form of two roosters, which are combined with the robotic elements that are found in the works of the talented Pixel Pancho. A wonderful addition to a grey corner in East London.


What can you say about the Sheffield, UK, based street artist Phlegm? His amazing story book style of murals never fails to impress, the monochrome works transporting us into other realms. This massive mural, featuring one of his strange larger than life characters trapped in a house, was recently created in Shoreditch, London. The mural includes a TV that has been thrown out of a window of the house and is a tribute to a Banksy work of art that was once on the same wall. The mural can be found at Red Market on Rivington Street and is a must see if you happen to be in East London anytime soon.


DZIA is an enigmatic street artist from the Antwerp, Belgium. The works of DZIA are described as ranging from painting, sculpture and taxidermy through to street art. This latest and rather fine mural was created by DZIA in the Belgian city of Vilvoorde and is entitled Gold Fox. The mural was created in the distinct style that DZIA possesses, usually depicting animals that combine graphic elements with abstract and geometric forms to shape the impressive animals. DZIA is also known for his copyzine, Krank, handmade and usually limited to around 50 copies with a stenciled cover that features examples of outsider art to support other artists. View more on the DZIA website.

Icy & Sot

Icy & Sot were recently in Berlin as part of the Brooklyn Street Art curated Project M/7 for Urban Nation, you can check out our preview in Persons of Interest at Urban Nation article. Project M/ was started by Urban Nation to invite international street artists to transform the facades and windows of prominent buildings in Berlin that are undergoing transformations. Project M/7 saw the future home of Urban Nation being transformed, which included this stencil mural by the Iranian duo Icy & Sot, featuring the ghostly face of a young lady with the word FREEDOM and some kind of crowd behind her, ready for action.

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