Street Update #69

April 1, 2015

Spring is definitely in the air for many of us, flowers are blooming adding colour to our landscapes and our intrepid street artists have been out in force, also adding colour to our streets with an array of fresh murals. Last week’s Street Update #68 presented to us a number of creatures in the form of street art and murals and this week has seen a similar influx of spring inspired works. To get yourself in the springtime mood, take a look at Spring Awakening: 10 Inspirational Murals, which includes works by Sickboy, SAM3, Stinkfish and Collin van der Sluijs or perhaps enjoy the work of Chinese painter Wu Guanzhong in the video Nature Through the Eyes of Wu Guanzhong. Getting back to street art and murals, by far the most popular image on the Widewalls Facebook page over the past week is the new mural created by the art duo of Ella and Pitr, who spent a few days in Lyon creating a magnificent sleeping giant, that is also absolutely huge is scale and wonderful in the aerial photos. Brazilian artist L7m was also in France recently, splashing some spring colours on his distinctive bird murals while Belgian street artist Dzia has made it into Street Update yet again, this time with his beautifully coloured Chickens on a Stick mural, created in Herentals. Continuing the spring theme and Jerico created a true masterpiece on the side of a building in Rome that just wants to make you sing or twitter away like a bird! Finally, Mexican street artist Curiot hit a wall in San Francisco while he was in town for a new solo exhibition, leaving behind a beautiful mural in his trademark Mexican folklore style. Until next week, keep watching the walls.

Ella & Pitr

French art duo Ella & Pitr have become well known for their uncompromising approach to street art and murals, leaving a trail of magnificent murals around the world. Ella & Pitr are a duo who thinks outside of the traditional box, their street art often appearing in odd locations, such as rooftops or the corner of buildings, anywhere that challenges our traditional views. This monumental piece of street art was recently created in Lyon, France, in what appears to be an industrial goods yard next to a railway line. It features a giant, crammed into the yard, as if he had tried to find a nice quiet spot for a sleep in the sun and only truly visible from the air.

Images from Street Art News


Brazilian street artist L7m was also adding colour to the streets, spending spring in Paris and Vitry, France. L7m created a series of murals during his visit, featuring his excellent graffiti birds in his signature style. The vibrant works, full of spring colour and fluttering with movement, combine the Brazilian street artists’ love of  realistic imagery with wild, abstract gestures that capture the movement of his creatures. The wonderful layers of geometry, textures and free flowing abstract gestures make for quite remarkable murals that are full of life and energy.

Images from Street Art News


What can we say about Dzia? He seems to be on a one man mission to fill every wall in Begium this spring with one of his distinctive animal murals! First we had the Golden Fox, last week we had a hungry squirrel and this week we find three chickens on a stick. The humorous mural was this time created in Herentals, featuring three wonderfully crafted chickens painted in the signature Dzia style, two of them watching as the third vanishes head first from its perch for some reason. The mural painted in a bright blue & green, adds a vibrant splash to the surrounding plants that are just starting to grow. Once summer hits, they will look wonderful peeking out from behind the trees and bushes.

Images courtesy of DZIA.


Is it Jericho or Jerico? I have no idea, the spelling changes depending on what you are reading, but regardless, the Italian street artist added the latest mural to the Big City Life project, organised by 999 Contemporary. The project has thrown up 20 murals in the Tormarancia area of Rome, to help transform the area of housing projects into a wonderful gallery of street art and murals. Jerico has just completed this very spring like masterpiece, created in a very painterly way that brings to mind Michelangelo and impressionist artists, a quite remarkable mural. I have also concluded that the name is Jerico, always helps to look at the signature!

Images from Street Art News


For the final piece of street art in this street update, we bring you this beautiful mural by Mexican street artist Curiot. The street artist was in San Francisco for the opening of his solo exhibition with FFDG, titled Down the Rabbit Hole with Neon Lights, but managed to find time to create this mural which was curated by Upper Playground and Fifty24SF Gallery. The mural, next to a hotel, features the excellent imagery of Curiot, which blends Mexican Folklore with mythical creatures that appear as part human and part animal and is beautifully painted in muted colours that add an extra air of mystery to the whole mural.

Images from Upper Playground

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