Street Update #70

April 8, 2015

It’s that time of week again to see what our beloved street artists have been up to around the world. While many have been out on the streets creating beautiful street art and murals, we must not forget those who have been hiding away in their studios preparing for exhibitions, there are quite a few coming up. Take a look at how some street art legends work in print form at the Urban Pott group show, including the likes of Blek le Rat, Pure Evil and Mad C or check out the solo exhibition of street art legend Revok. See what Italian street artist Alice Pasquini is doing with her washing in Portugal and how Invader is conquering Hong Kong again!
Our man of the moment, Dzia, is not featured in this update, but keep an eye on our Interview section where he will be appearing very soon. Onto the matter of street art and murals, with the most popular image on the Widewalls Facebook page this past week being the amazing new mural that NemO's created in Madrid, Spain while visiting the city for his solo exhibition. Adnate was in Australia creating another stunning portrait mural as part of the Wall to Wall Street Art Festival while WESR hit Berlin with a breath-taking mural featuring two ghostly faces. Belgian street artist Derm was out creating a new slick mural in his signature style and Penang in Malaysia found itself home to some beautiful new mural work from the hand and mind of Alex Face.
Enjoy the view and keep watching the walls.


Australian street artist Adnate has been busy creating a stunning new portrait mural as part of the Wall to Wall Street Art Festival. Known as one of the foremost street art portrait painters, his use of the spray can to create intimate and sensitive portraits, usually of someone connected with the area he is painting in, is second to none. This beautiful mural of a young girl was painted in Benalla, a small city in the north-eastern region of Victoria. The celebrated street artist was painting alongside RONE and Guido Van Helten in the street art festival.

Images David Russell via Street Art News

Alex Face

Thai street artist Alex Face was recently in Penang, Malaysia where he created a number of his incredible images. The Thai street artist was in Penang as part of a group street art exhibition entitled Different Strokes, which featured international street artists such as Icy and Sot, Martin Whatson and Levalet. The exhibition was organised by Hin Bus Depot Art Centre and the UK based Graffiti Prints and of course, being street artists they couldn’t resist adding a splash of colour to the walls of Penang, including these cuddly little critters created in the trademark Alex Face style!

Images via Alex Face.


Belgian street artist and illustrator Derm was out creating this great mural in his distinctive slick street art style. A browse through the Derm Bad Taste Co website reveals a street artist and illustrator who revels in creating images that feature machinery and wild characters. On first glance, the style is similar to the great Jamie Hewlett, co-creator of Tank Girl and the virtual band, Gorillaz. The vibrant creations look like pages straight out of a comic book, vibrant and full of life and fantastic to look at!

Image via Derm.


Wow, just wow! Sometimes a mural or street art just hits you in the face like a brick and this brilliant mural by Italian street artist NemO's is one of those. NemO's was in Madrid, Spain, to mark the opening of a solo exhibition with the Espositivo Gallery and took a few days out to create this incredible piece of street art, entitled Who Is Inside NemO’s featuring his signature character. The clever mural makes the most of a hole in a wall to play with space, as a man cuts off his face to reveal another man peering out from inside. A genius piece of street art, which is incredibly painted in the wonderful and unique style of Italian street artist NemO's. See more wonderful images on the whoisNemO's website.

Images via Street Art News


Peruvian born, but now Berlin based, street artist WESR has just created this ghostly mural at Teufelsberg (Devils’s Mountain) in Berlin, Germany. The beautiful illustrative style of WESR lends itself perfectly to these two ghostly portraits that are appearing through the stark wall, ready to greet any unsuspecting visitors to the building. The floating monochromatic faces look as if they are in mid-mutation, human faces transforming into demons, perfect for the Teufelsberg location they have been painted in. A wonderful piece of street art to round off the street update for this week, read more about WESR in the WESR at Sketchmate Festival article.

Photo Jess Traviglia via WESR

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