Street Update #71

April 15, 2015

Time for our weekly Widewalls look at the latest street art and murals in street update and as usual there have been a host of wonderful creations. In Street Update #70 we told you to look out for an interview with Belgian street artist Dzia, so if you want to find out more about his beautiful animal creations then have a listen to his Podcast interview to learn more. Many of our favourite street artists have exhibitions coming up, so be sure to check out the Breda Street Art Exhibition in Holland, which will feature Banksy, Retna, Kaws, Logan Hicks plus much more while Smash137 has a new exhibition at Kolly Gallery in Zurich, you can have a listen to the Widewalls interview with Julien Kolly in which he discusses his gallery and urban art. For something a little different have a read of Sardinia: Cradle of Street Art. Out on the streets and there is always new amazing street art and murals appearing, one of the most popular this week being the delightful mural created by Sainer of Etam Cru in Lisbon, Portugal, on the side of a building featuring an old lady. Italian street artist Millo was in Milan painting a two part mural entitled Everyone is Searching For It, a stunning pair of black and white images while Bordalo II was making a beautiful bird installation mural, also in Portugal, for a bird watching fair! Dzia was very busy again on in the dark corners of Belgium, crafting his great street art that has included images of chicks, birds and rats…perhaps these street artists should think of opening a wildlife centre. Finally, London based Italian street artist 0707 was at work on the streets of East London creating a dark beauty. Until next week, keep watching the walls.


Sainer, of acclaimed Polish street art duo Etam Cru, was recently in Lisbon, Portugal, where he completed this fantastic mural. The mural, entitled Crossroads, was completed as part of the Public Art Programme organised by the Underdogs Gallery, who also undertake Public Art Tours, taking in all the public art interventions created in Lisbon as part of the programme. This delightful mural features a lovely looking old lady, smoking and surrounded by animal imagery, including a duck, dog and some animal ears that appear to be falling from her head!

Images via Underdogs


Italian street artist Millo has been very busy in Milan, Italy, where he painted two huge and spectacular murals under the title Everyone is Searching For It. What are we all searching for? Love of course, as is depicted in the two black and white murals that both feature big red hearts. On one we find a boy using a divining rod to search for love in the city, while on the other mural we find a girl who is either desperately clinging on to a heart or about to launch her heart in the hope that is finds love. A beautiful and stunning pair of murals, which reminds us of just how lonely it can be living among so many people.

Images via Street Art News

Bordalo II

Portuguese street artist Bordalo II crafted this magical street art installation recently for the ObservaRia bird watching event, which is held in the city of Estarreja in Portugal annually. This year the organisers decided to add some extra colour to the bird watching event by inviting an artist to create some street art that related to the event. Bordalo II came up with this beautiful kingfisher, entitled Guarda Rios, constructed out of waste material and then painted, keeping with the street artists' themes of the preservation of nature.

Images via Street Art News


Dzia has been a regular in our weekly Street Update section and the Belgian street artist has been out and about transforming the dark corners of Belgium again with his distinctive creatures. This time Dzia has created a whole menagerie of creatures in the Wavre area of Belgium, including a couple of colourful birds, a chick and this rather stunning rat, Rat Hole. The beautiful rat has been created in a yard full of abandoned rubbish and pictured holding a fan, a nice touch of ironic humour for a creature associated with dirt and widely despised. Dzia kindly sat down for an interview with Widewalls recently, take a listen to the podcast to find out more about Dzia and his wonderful street art.

Images courtesy of Dzia.


0707 is an Italian street artist and graphic designer now based in London, UK. 0707 is a newer name to the world of street art, having started out in 2012 by painting portraits of people on the streets in Rome, Italy. The street artist is known for his street art created using stencils and also as the originator of the 'This Is A Good Kiss Spot' project that went viral. Now based in London, the street artist aims to make the urban environment a beautiful place by creating street art as can be seen here. This lovely dark female portrait was created on Hanbury Street in the East End of London, an area where 0707 has been very active in 2015, creating many pieces of street art in the Brick Lane & Shoreditch areas. Find out more on the 0707 website.

Images courtesy of London Calling Blog

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