Street Update #72

April 22, 2015

The last few weeks has seen a flurry of activity in the world of street art and murals, with street artists creating some stunning murals around the world. Before we get on to the recent street art and murals in this street update, perhaps you would like to cast your eye over some old school graffiti and street art in our Street Art Legends series, the first being Best of Basquiat Art, followed by King Robbo Graffiti and a third about the great Dondi White set to appear anytime now. Fast forward to the present and the news that giant Swedish furniture retailer, IKEA, now loves street art. IKEA have hooked up with some well-known street artists to create a limited street art poster collection for their IKEA Art Event 2015, read more in IKEA Loves Street Art. Meanwhile, the wonderful Guy Denning, who has been known to leave his mark on a few walls, was our Artist of the Week recently; check out his new solo exhibition Shooting Angels. Onto our selection of street art and murals for this week and first up is a truly stunning mural from the very talented NYCHOS on the streets of Vienna, entitled Dissection of a Polar Bear, while Dan Kitchener, aka DANK, was adding some illumination to the streets of London with his Neon Streets mural. Tokyo saw a visit from the colourful Eduardo Kobra who completed a Ritmos Brasileiros mural, adding some sunshine to what looks to be a rainy day. Street artist 1010 was in Marseille, France, where he created one of his optical illusions for Backside Gallery with whom he is having a solo exhibition also and finally, Hopare was recently involved with the Art in House project, producing a stunning portrait of a woman. Check out the Widewalls Facebook page for all the latest murals and keep watching the walls.


Austrian street artist NYCHOS spent four days recently creating this superb Dissection of a Polar Bear mural in Vienna. The final mural, featuring a trademark NYCHOS dissection of a fierce looking polar bear, measured 24 metres in height, making it the biggest piece of street art in Vienna. The impressive Dissection of a Polar Bear mural was created by NYCHOS to help celebrate the tenth anniversary of Rabbit Eye Movement, the street art concept started by NYCHOS in 2005, resulting in the Rabbit Eye Movement Art Space, gallery and agency in the heart of Vienna. The mural also coincided with the premiere of the art documentary film The Deepest Depths of the Burrow, which captures the experiences of NYCHOS and Rabbit Eye Movement and includes interviews with LOOK, Tristan Eaton, Cone, Jasper Wong and more. Read more about Rabbit Eye Movement in the link below.

Images Copyright Dan Armand via Rabbit Eye Movement.


British street artist Dan Kitchener, aka DANK, has just completed this beautiful piece of street art, which can be found on Sclater Street in East London. The new DANK mural is entitled Neon Streets and he states that it is a long version of the Neon Streets murals that he recently painted in both Croydon and Brighton in the UK. DANK is known for his gritty urban landscapes that are produced as street art, paintings, illustrations and digital paintings, often featuring night time scenes with the cities neon lights reflecting off wet streets, as nameless people go about their daily routine. The East London mural Neon Streets was painted by DANK in one session on 16th April, 2015, who was working in conjunction with Global Street Arts.

Photo of DANK by Annika Weerasinghe via Global Street Art.

Mural photo via DANK.

Eduardo Kobra

The colourful Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra, part of the neovanguard from Sao Paulo who use bright colours and bold lines in their street art, recently added some sunshine to the wet streets of Tokyo, Japan. Eduardo Kobra was busy painting a mural in the Shibuya area of Tokyo, a shopping district that is around Shibuya Station, one of the busiest stations in Tokyo and an area that is home to much nightlife. The location guarantees that the new Ritmos Brasileiros (Brazilian Rhythms) mural will be seen by thousands of people daily, who will no doubt be cheered by the colourful portraits of people playing musical instruments, painted in the distinctive style of Eduardo Kobra.

Images via Eduardo Kobra.


German street artist 1010 was recently in Marseille, France, for a solo exhibition entitled Mise en Abyme with Backside Gallery. While in Marseille, 1010 also produced this absolutely stunning mural on the wall of a building for Backside Gallery, one of his highly original and trademark portals, that look as if they will take you to a parallel universe. 1010 often picks a pattern for his murals which reflects the building it is painted on, this great mural fitting perfectly on the slightly older building, looking as if it has been created naturally over time. The hypnotic and mind blowing street art of 1010 results in murals that literally blow your mind, joyfully playing with time and space.

Images via Street Art News.

Hopare at Art in House

French based street artist Hopare recently took part in the amazing Art in House project, which saw over 30 street artists transform the walls of an Anglet house. The Art in House project was designed to bring a beautiful end to the Anglet house which will be demolished soon, along with all the murals created for the project. The exhibition of murals was simply a celebration of the space, street artists working sensitively within the location with freedom of expression, before they vanish forever in the rubble of the destroyed house. Hopare painted this poignant portrait of a woman’s face, reclining back as if waiting for the walls and ceiling to come tumbling down around her.

Photos by Alain Stab via Hopare.

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