Street Update #73

April 29, 2015

Here we go again, with our weekly look into the world of street art and murals with our latest street update. You may remember that in Street Update #72 we showed you the stunning Dissection of a Polar Bear by the talented NYCHOS, if you happen to be in Paris during the first half of May, we strongly recommend you take a visit to Openspace Gallery to catch his wonderful new solo exhibition, Off the Wall, which features works on paper and canvas of images that previously appeared as murals, read more in NYCHOS At Openspace Paris. Meanwhile, British street artist Xenz, known for his beautiful street art and murals of imaginary landscapes, is busy transforming the Fluorescent Smogg project space in Barcelona for his new solo exhibition, The Moon on a Stick. Before we get on to this week’s roundup of street art and murals, check out the article on the ALT!Rove street art festival, which is just about to kick off in the town of Catanzaro, Italy. As usual, the past couple of weeks have provided some wonderful street art and murals to feast our eyes on, with one of the most popular being the mural titled Balam, painted by Farid Rueda in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Over in China, Seth Globepainter appeared and painted several murals on abandoned buildings around Shanghai and Beijing. Croatian street artist, Lonac, was busy once more in his hometown of Zagreb, creating the fun mural titled Medika Diving, while the Athens based street artist known as WD, aka Wild Drawing, headed to France to create a couple of wonderful characters which are sure to raise a smile. Last but not least, we have another stunning portrait mural from the hands of Spanish street artist and excellent tattooist, Xav. Check out the Widewalls Facebook page for the latest street art and mural updates and keep watching the walls.

Farid Rueda – Balam in Mexico

Mexican street artist Farid Rueda has been busy recently; bringing nature and vibrant colour to the streets of Mexico with his wonderful street art and murals. This particular piece, entitled Balam, took several days to complete and is located in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Working with the No Colectivo, Farid Rueda painted one of his stunning animal creations, the mural being that of a colourful Jaguar, with Balam meaning Son of the Sun in the Maya language, which was used to describe the Jaguar. The creatures of Farid Rueda regularly incorporate colourful patterns that refer to Mexican traditions and make the animals look as if they ready for some ancient ritual.

Images via Street Art News

Seth Globepainter – New Murals in China

We’ve not featured the intrepid Seth Globepainter for a few weeks, but now he has popped up in China, where he has been busy transforming some forgotten places with some of his sensitive street art and murals. The French street artist located some abandoned and derelict buildings located in the Shanghai and Beijing areas of China, adding his unique street art with Chinese influenced murals. One of the most striking murals is that of a Chinese girl on a small white house in the middle of a green field, gently cradling the window of the house in her arms, with one of the others featuring a fierce looking boy with a dragon mask, lurking on the corner of a building and ready to jump out on unsuspecting passers-by.

Lonac - Medika Diving in Zagreb

Croatian street artist Lonac took to the streets of his hometown Zagreb once more to create a new piece of street art entitled Medika Diving. Lonac has created many murals in his hometown, this latest piece of street art being painted for the Ohoho Festival at AKC Medika (Autonomni Kulturni Centar Medika). In Medika Diving, Lonac has cleverly incorporated the pipe coming out of the wall and transformed it into part of the mural. The wonderful piece of street art takes the form of a self-portrait of the artist snorkelling, complete with an inquisitive fish and a very psychedelic looking mushroom.

Images via Lonac

WD – Hey Ho, Let’s Go in France

WD aka Wild Drawing, originally from Bali, Indonesia but now based in Athens, Greece, is known for his impressive street art and murals created with spray cans and a roller technique. Often painting photo realistic murals that are influence by comics and graphic novels, WD tries to interact with the location he is working in, as can be seen in this wonderful and fun new mural created in France. Hey Ho, Let’s Go! is a humorous mural, depicting a delightful robotic character trying to pull his dog like creature out of the door and into the world. The clever mural sees WD making the most of the building he has painted the street art on, utilizing the door and with clever shadows, making the images appear very 3D.

Images via WD.

XAV – Female Portrait Mural

Spanish street artist and tattoo artist  Xav has been creating street art and murals for 10 years and is known for his beautiful and realistic imagery. Whether creating street art or tattoos, Xav has an impressive technique, as can be seen in this latest mural featuring a beautiful female portrait. Xav believes that creating street art and murals is just about painting and having fun, both very evident in this striking piece of art work. If you need more evidence check out his stunning portraits of Salvador Dali and the Bride of Frankenstein on his Facebook page in the link below.

Image via Xav

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