Street Update #75

May 13, 2015

Let’s begin our weekly roundup of murals and street art by inviting you to view some of the amazing artworks created at Public 2015, the street art festival that took place in Perth, Australia, a few weeks ago. Over 50 artists gathered to paint murals at the festival, with names such as DALeast, Curiot, Waone, Fintan Magee and Eko Nugroho joining Perth based artists such as Hayley Welsh and Robert Jenkins to transform the local area with some stunning imagery, you can take a look at some of the results in Top 10 Murals from Public Street Art Festival. Also upcoming is the Katowice Street Art Festival in Poland, so keep an eye out for new murals from there and check out the fascinating Street Fans project at Musée de l’éventail in Paris. Back to the street update and we have another fine collection of murals from around the world to share, beginning with our man in Belgium, Dzia. Fresh from creating new works in Italy, the Belgian street artist wasted no time when returning home and headed straight out to create a wonderful feline in his distinctive style. New York had a visit from the esteemed Tristan Eaton, where he created several murals during his stay, including the stunning Big City Dreams in Manhattan, while Seth Globepainter, never a person to rest in one place for too long, swapped China for Tahiti, teaming up with local artist HTJ for an eye-catching collaboration. French street artist Vinie created one of her playful murals, a beautiful reclining lady which cleverly incorporates the existing vegetation into the design and to round off this street update, a colourful and beautiful piece created by Cix and Irving Cano in Mexico. Check out the Widewalls Facebook page for all the latest murals and until next week, keep watching the walls.

Dzia – Catflow in Zolder

In our last street update we featured two new wonderful creations by Dzia, a dragonfly and Papagallo painted in Italy. On his return to Belgium, he wasted no time in finding a fresh wall in the town of Zolder to create this slinky feline character. Entitled Catflow, it is another stunning mural by the master of creatures, depicting a beautiful cat emerging from some bushes, the glowing orange and yellow colours looking especially vibrant against the black background. Created in his signature style that we have come to know and love, Dzia has once again provided us with a great image to feast our eye on.

Images via Street Art News

Tristan Eaton – Big City Dreams in Manhattan

Los Angeles based Tristan Eaton was recently in New York where he created several new works, including the stunning Big City Dreams in the Manhattan area. The four story high mural, completed in his unique style, was commissioned by the LISA (Little Italy Street Art) project and is located at the Little Italy & Lower East Side border, on the Southwest corner of Allen and Rivington. The beautiful mural of a lady features all the elements one would expect from Eaton, wonderful lettering, great imagery and his great use of design and patterns to fill the mural.

Images via Street Art News

Seth Globepainter & HTJ – Sleeping Girl

Our last Street Update included the wonderful Masks collaboration which Seth Globepainter created with calligrapher Hong He Ping and now the restless street artists has turned his attention to Tahiti. The busy artist was in Papeete to take part in the Ono'u Tahiti Street Art Festival, where he teamed up with local artist HTJ to create this eye-catching new mural. It took the duo five days to paint this amazing artwork, which features a Tahitian girl sleeping, surrounded by traditional Polynesian patterns, the vibrant red colour making it a mural which cannot be missed. Seth Globepainter has created one of his beautiful figures once again, appearing peaceful on the side of the building, while the wonderful patterns add a beautiful design element to the finished mural.

Images via Street Art News

Vinie – Mural in Eauze

Based in Montreuil-sous-Bois near paris, French street artist Vinie has become recognised for her unique and playful style of work, often cleverly incorporating surrounding elements, such as vegetation, into her works. This lovely reclining lady has been created in the signature Vinie style, complete with the local greenery for her hair. The French street artist was in Eauze, for the Magnac Eauze street art festival, creating another of her amazing and voluptuous female figures that often feature in her works alongside classic graffiti elements.

Images via Street Art News

Cix & Irving Cano – Life & Death the Cycle

The talented duo of Cix and Irving Cano recently joined forces for the Constructo festival in Mexico, painting this mouth-watering mural. Entitled Life & Death the Cycle, the sublime artwork features four amazing faces, each one depicting a moment of life or death, complete with Mexican style patterns and flowers. Also check out the great in progress images revealing the preparation drawing of the skulls that lie beneath the final images, a truly remarkable mural rich in both colour and symbols.

Images via Cix

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