Street Update #76

May 20, 2015

What a busy couple of weeks it has been in the world of street art and murals, with new images popping up left, right and centre. Not content with just creating new artworks, some of your favourite street artists have also shown they like to have a good chat about what they do, check out the brand new exclusive interview with Shepard Fairey in A Serious Art Addict, have a read of what the very talented Nychos had to say to Widewalls and have a listen in to the podcast interview with Bristish artist Xenz, where he reveals much about his background and artworks in a friendly 40 minute chat. You can also take a read of Rebels to the Core: 10 Memorable Street Art Arrests, a look at those who have ended up in trouble with the law because of their art. Onto the rebels of this week and another amazing round of street art and murals, which begins with Tristan Eaton and Cyrcle heading to New York to collaborate on several new pieces simultaneously, including a stunning multi-wall work in Williamsburg, while Blu was in Italy for the Draw the Line Festival, spending 6 days creating a new spectacular mural. DALeast has come up trumps again, this time in Tahiti for the Ono'U Street Art Festival, where he left a magnificent eagle for the locals to enjoy. Perhaps my personal favourite of the week is the staggering artwork made by Alexis Diaz in Manhattan, painted with china ink and small brushes; it truly is a beautiful work of art. To round off this street update we have a beautiful new creation by the German graffiti artist and illustrator Jeroo, featuring some fish in his Art Nouveau inspired style. Until next week, keep an eye on the Widewalls Facebook page for all the latest murals and keep watching the walls.

Tristan Eaton & Cyrcle – New Mural in Williamsburg, New York

Tristan Eaton and Cyrcle teamed up for this impressive collaborative effort in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, while also working on at least three other murals simultaneously, including pieces with How & Nosm. The beautiful blue themed futuristic mural by Eaton and Cyrcle is spread across several sections of wall, on the corner of a street in Williamsburg which was once known as an arty area but has now become a suburban office park. The artists brought a bit of decent art back to the area, leaving behind a beautiful mural full of wonderful imagery and a brilliant array of pattern work, which one would expect with the involvement of Tristan Eaton.

Photos by Matthew A. Eller via street art news

Blu – New Mural in Campobasso, Italy

Blu travelled to Campobasso in Italy recently to take part in the Draw the Line Festival. This huge and spectacular mural was the result of six days hard work by the artist, leaving behind something beautiful for the neighbourhood which suffers from social issues. The mural by Blu features a huge floating rock, suspended above a city with a huge crater in the middle of it, perhaps reflecting the social issues of the area it is painted in. However the colourful mural hints at themes of hope, with the beautiful blue sky and green landscape beyond, plus the rainbow colours forming the hole in the rock.

Images via street art news

DALeast – New Mural at Ono'U Street Art Festival

Never one to disappoint, Chinese street artist DALeast has worked wonders again with this amazing eagle mural. DALeast created the new mural in Tahiti for the Ono'U Street Art Festival, featuring a beautiful eagle being hit by lightning. The giant bird is created in the signature style of DALeast, the image being made up of a network of lines, given the appearance that it has been woven from some material and is 3D in appearance. Completed in wonderful blue and purple hues with a foreboding black shadow, the strong image is a real treat for those neighbours who will wake up to the swooping eagle each morning.

Images via street art news

Alexis Diaz – Skull Mural for Rag & Bone

Alexis Diaz is the latest street artist to create a mural on the Elizabeth Street façade of the Rag & Bone boutique in New York. The façade has been home to a number of artworks since Rag & Bone initiated the Houston/Project, Alexis Diaz adding to the legacy with this breath-taking piece of artwork. The intricate artwork was created over the space of a week, Diaz attacking the façade with small brushes and china ink, building the image up with thousands upon thousands of small lines. The stunning result features a skull split in two, revealing a heart that has an eye and is wrapped in barbed wire, while also being pierced by an arrow that is also a key. A truly remarkable piece of street art from the patient hands and mind of Alexis Diaz.

Images via Bowery Boogie

Jeroo – New Mural for Deadline Festival

Stuttgart based graffiti artist and illustrator Jeroo recently headed to Munich where he took part in the Deadline Festival. While there, he created this wonderful piece of artwork in his signature style, very much influenced by the Art Nouveau movement. The flowing new artwork features three fish surrounded by strange organic shapes and a tree with flowers about to bloom, creating a slightly surreal landscape, with the fish looking as if they are swimming in the air. The mural is competed by a beautiful selection of colours, which really highlight the illustrative skills of Jeroo to the maximum.

Image courtesy of Jeroo

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