Street Update #77

May 27, 2015

We had another exciting week in the life of art on the streets and we will make a brief turn to see what went down. Since street art never sleeps a lot of new murals and graffiti dawned over the walls in Rabat, Detroit, Milan and Montevideo. But first, before we look at some new murals, we must point out that we had the exclusive opportunity to talk with German street artist Kunstrasen and he explained us where he found his inspiration for his exhibition Rough Times For Dreamers at artROOM Konstanz. Last week's Top 10 article featured artists who love painting birds in Flying to Freedom: 10 Street Artists Who Love to Paint Birds, but don't get fooled, some of them are not tame at all. Once again, the artist of the week title went to Shepard Fairey. We have seen some dope and fresh street art last week. Franco Fasoli aka Jaz, nailed it again, this time in Rabat at Jidar Festival in Morocco. 2501 did a mural in Cassina De Pecchi, as a warm-up for Restart festival and his solo exhibition Nomadic Experiment at Wunderkammern Gallery in Rome. Aryz created a stunning street piece in Detroit, showing shirtless men pulling their clones over the shoulder. We will conclude this weekly recap with murals from SEPE and Conor Harrington. Check out the Widewalls Facebook page for all the latest murals and until next week, keep watching the walls.

Conor Harrington - New Mural In London

Conor Harrington, an Irish graffiti artist, made another beautiful and dramatic street piece, staying truthful to his signature loose and photorealistic blend of styles. This minute mural of two oversized colonial style characters in a quarrel was executed in Walthamstow Central, a district of North-East London for the Wood Street Walls festival.  Conor’s lauded large-scale painting actually fuse realist figurative work inspired by old masters with abstractions taken from the graffiti scene that nurtured his talents. The fine art of street art.

Images via Street Art News

SEPE - Warsaw Mural

As a tribute to his solo exhibition opening on May 29 at Lawrance Alkin Gallery in London, SEPE painted this beautiful mural The Golden Age Of Grotesque in Warsaw. Since he will be exhibiting 19 canvas paintings, we felt the urge to pay tribute to his roots in his hometown of Warsaw. This mixture of abstract and illustrative, with a mix of energy and impulsive vibe, leads into development of distinctive ways to capture and criticize the dynamics of modern, money spending society which is masochistically trying to erase any trace of individuality.

Images via SEPE

2501 - Mural At Cassina de Pecchi

Milanese artist 2501 came to Cassina de Pecchi to paint this sweet mural piece as an introduction to Restart fest. He spent a couple of days to execute his signature line-based abstract imagery piece over a massive building. This is the very first time that 2501 used juxtaposition of color and texture in his work. Maybe it is a shift in his practice due to his upcoming solo exhibition Nomadic Experiments at Wunderkammern Gallery in Rome. Nomadism suggests us the idea of constantly wandering on the experimental journeys, only briefly adapting to new places before continuing the nomadic experiment without any dimensional limitations.

Images via Street Art News

Aryz - Clones In Detroit

After his successful show in Los Angeles, Barcelona based artist Aryz was invited to Detroit by the people from Library Street Collective to paint a huge figurative mural of cloned black collar workers. Aryz’s street art often includes gigantic creatures, arranged through strange, emotional mixtures expressing both rawness and tenderness. This interesting image show shirtless hard working man pulling his clones over the shoulder, possibly motivated by Detroits recent bankruptcy and industrial decline. The mural is executed in a carefully chosen color palette to fit into the environment. The Spanish artist is famous for his usage of paint rollers which allows him to paint large-scale images.

Images via Street Art News

JAZ - Mural In Rabat For Jidar Festival

Franco Fasoli, or better know in the street art world as JAZ, one of Argentina's finest graffiti writer, took a part in Jidar Festival in Morocco's capital Rabat. For this festival he painted a stunning mural painting called The Shoe Thief, covering the entire wall of a residential building in Rabat. Titled “The Shoe Thief” the new murals is a nice example of Franco Fasoli’s artistic development in the last time incorporating the style from his recent collage pieces into his paintings at the same time that it shows that dynamic tension, violence and masculine identity more characteristic of his work. A colorful and dynamic piece that certainly brightens up the city of Rabat.

Image is a courtesy of Franco Fasoli.

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