Street Update #78

June 2, 2015

It was a bit quiet week on the streets as opposed to a very vibrant life of urban art that keeps on expanding into the gallery spaces. Is this really a turning point of street art or this is just the calm before the storm. It seems that some street art festivals are starting to appear on the summer horizon. While we are waiting for that, we can check out 10 gripping street art installations that appeared on the streets in the last couple of years. If you are fond of urban art in a controlled reality of a gallery space, you should check out this new body of work by Italian artist RUN at Galleria Varsi in Rome. While in Rome, you can head to Wunderkammern Gallery and check out what 2501 and his Nomadic Experiments have to say. Dotmasters is celebrating his tenth anniversary with his second solo exhibition at Reed Projects Gallery in Stavanger, Norway. We are proud that our friend LOOK joined us one afternoon in a very pleasant conversation about his future plans, current motifs and inspiration that pushes him forward. Also, from our interview section of the site you can read a great interview with three kings of graffiti: Blade, Inkie and Shoe. And at the very end, we have prepared for you a selection of five street art pieces, three of which are in France, one in Buenos Aires and the last one in East London. Until next week, keep an eye on the Widewalls Facebook page for all the latest murals and keep watching the walls.

MadC In Vitry, Paris

MadC continues to dominate the walls in big European cities. This time, it was in Vitry-sur-Seine in the southern Parisienne suburb. This new art piece shows her complete mastery of the technique which gives her the liberty to experiment on a completely different approach to the idea of street art. Her post-modernist ways are deeply rooted in her Street art culture studies. Facing the works of MadC, we are looking into the transformation of nature of street art as much as we are looking at the transformation on a more individual level - of an artist. It would not be a lie to say that MadC is a bearer of a torchlight in front of the new generation in graffiti writing.

1010 - Optical Illusion On The Highway

Another German artist visited Paris last week to bomb around the town. But in 1010's case it was more than that. He executed a 4500 square meter piece over the closed section of highway in Paris. It took him seven days and around 400 liters of paint to finish this signature piece of his. He did it again, as he likes to play with minds and perceptions of viewers. Paris' 13th arrondissement is richer for this 3D piece of art, only it may be of a very temporary character, so be sure to check it before it is removed.

Images are courtesy of streetartnews.

Jeroo For Block Party 5 In Valence, France

We have one more German artist painting in France, this time it is Jeroo with his big wall piece for Block Party 5 in Valence. With over 20 years of experience in graffiti writing, Jeroo had already formed a unique and recognizable style. With this mural, he continues to amaze us with his Art Nouveau style with a mesmerizing hybrid vision where fantastic creatures emerge from a world of letters. Recognizable motif in the shape of stylized Koi fishes appears to be swimming out of the grasp of its wild style shelter, symbolizing Jeroo's long search of a suitable style.

DZIA - Gold Fox Puppy

Belgian artist DZIA is restless. While in the UK, he already painted couple of walls, but the freshest one is his signature Gold Fox Puppy, which quickly became a hit amongst local residents. Dzia started to paint murals just two and a half years ago, and he is already widely known for his incredibly detailed animal street art pieces. His signature style uses bold geometric lines that make his work pop out even more. If you are in East London by any chance, head down to Hanbury Street because you're in for a treat.

Martin Ron In Buenos Aires

Martin Ron came back to his home country of Argentina to bestow another mural to the city of Buenos Aires. After a few days of hard work, new mural arose, depicting Argentinian beauty down the long highway wall. This piece features a horizontally placed cloned girls standing on the shoulders of each other. This is a fantastic display of virtuosity and certainly a whole lot of work for one man. That's why Martin Ron is considered to be one of the best street artists South America has to offer.

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