Street Update #79

June 10, 2015

The first week of June reminded us that summer is just around the corner, which also means that street art and its artists will get busier than usual. Whether it’s street art festivals or just the usual painting of the world, we are already excited to see what’s in store. That street art can also be done indoors there are a few exhibitions coming up, including Milu Correch’s Roman Holiday and a public intervention, while London’s MYA Gallery will host a group show of Latin American street artists under the guidance of Maximiliano Ruiz. Neve and Peeta will have a joint show at Galo Art Gallery in Turin, Italy, so if you’re around, make sure you don’t miss it! And if you’re on the other side of the pond, there is the art of the Coney Island Open Walls, featuring works by all the big names you can think of. Or, if you wanna stay up to date with life outdoors, follow Widewalls on Facebook, as we update you on a daily basis.

In the meantime, scroll down for the best of street art in the last seven days.

JAYN at Lunatic Festival

We start off with a great mural painted by JAYN for Lunatic Festival in Luneburg, Germany. The music festival was held on June 5th and 6th and JAYN was one of the artists who painted the walls in order to enrich the experience, along with Danny Doom, Duo Pigosch and Les Enfants Terribles, to name a few others. JAYN, aka Björn Lindner, is a street artist and the founder of Lackspuren design company. He usually paints animals, and Lunatic Festival hasn’t seen an exception, as the mural painted there features a raging tiger and it puts the artist’s talent on display yet again.

Image via JAYN.

Nychos in Belgium

Another festival, another brilliant mural by the even more brilliant Nychos. The Austrian artist painted one more of his breathtaking dissected animals, and this time they are covering the containers of the North West Walls 2015. The festival, held in Werchter, Belgium, will see artists like Pixel Pancho, Smug, Fintan Magee and Lula Goce, as part of the Festival Park. Nychos’s piece is simply stunning, as it connects the bones and spines of many different animals into one big structure, and its extraordinary details stand out perfectly against the black background of the 5 revolving containers.

Images via streetartnews /

Gerho and The Puriskiri in Bolivia

Joining forces to paint a beautiful mural in Cochabamba, Bolivia were The Puriskiri and Gerho, local artists widely present on the Latin American street art scene. The murals sees a perfect combination of two highly distinguished street art styles, as The Puriskiri’s bird reflects on his hyperrealistic approach and backs off from his mainly-human subjects for a bit, and the spectacular letter artworks by Gerho, which surround and frame the animal in a beautiful, almost protective manner. Gerho’s works grace the walls across Bolivia, in cities like La Paz and Sacaba.

Image via The Puriskiri

A Street Art Collaboration in Italy

A spectacular street art event took place in Gemona, Italy, under the name of Elementi Sotterranei. This festival was held from May 29th until June 7th, and more than 60 graffiti writers and street artists came to paint more than 2000 square meters of walls. Among them, there were Telmo and Miel, Sebas Velasco, Bims and Corn79, who have created a unique, illuminated mural featuring a sort of surreal insect. Apart from creating individual pieces, the five artists united to paint this remarkable piece which brings together their talents in one, yet distinguishing each and every one of them.

Image via TELMO MIEL

Dzia in Leuven

We finish off with the latest piece by Belgian artist Dzia Krank, who painted a piece called Green Wolf in the city of Leuven, Belgium. Recognizable by its line-based structure of the animal world, the piece covers a fading, previously painted art piece. Dzia has been a constant member of our street updates for weeks now, having appeared last week for his Gold Fox piece in London, his geometric bird painted in Herentals, Belgium before that, and a yellow cat he painted in Zolder before that. We are pretty sure next week is going to bring something new again and we look forward to it.

Image via streetartnews

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