Street Update #82

July 1, 2015

It’s busy out there in the streets around the world, and if you’ve been following us on Facebook, which I’m sure you are by now, you’ve had the chance to enjoy all the amazing artworks just popping out of everywhere. Also, may we remind you of all the great summer street art festivals coming up really soon, including Meeting of Styles in the UK, Chained Project in Milan, Italy and the Graffiti na Gradele in Bol, Croatia. When it comes to exhibitions, Celaya Brothers Gallery in Mexico City is celebrating its first anniversary with a show of Mexican urban art, and Paul Busk will be in Vienna, at INOPERAbLE Gallery. If you feel like reading, there is a graffiti book dedicated to the works of MaJo Brothers, and if you feel like wearing some art, Vans has a new collection designed by Takashi Murakami. And now, scroll down and check out the best murals of the past week.

Odeith - Chase Your Dreams

This spectacular illusion of an airplane painted on an unknown wall is the work of Odeith, a Portuguese street artist known for his particular graffiti. He uses anamorphic techniques to create what appears to be 3D street art, so convincing that you really have to look twice. Odeith started his artistic career in the 1990s and was one of the protagonists of the rise of graffiti in Portugal during that time. From small drawings, he moved onto large murals in no time, and today his works have even found their place within museums and galleries. Very excited to see what this guy does next!

Image via Odeith

L7m in Brazil

Although he’s done this beautiful piece featuring a bird, his signature character, in a hurry, so his day wouldn’t be gray, Brazilian artist L7m aka Luis Martins really knows how to make an impression. When it comes to location of this piece, we only know it’s an abandoned place in Brazil, and we also know it’s absolutely splendid in all its colors and details. The Sao Paulo-based artist is known for his abstract patterns and surreal scenery, usually depicting scenes from life and the artist’s impressions of the world around him. L7m is currently in Australia, where he also painted some extraordinary birds on the streets of Katoomba.

Image via L7m

Dzia - The Golden Elephant

Well, well. Dzia is back again this week, this time with a piece painted in Antwerp, Belgium. It is one of the two elephants he painted only a few days from each other, the other one being in Mechelen, Belgium. While that one is splashing water all over the place, this one is just being, well, golden. Dzia appears to be quite busy these days, having painted some dolphins too, and on July 2nd, he’ll be heading to Brussels, where he’ll participate in Kosmopolite Art Tour 2015. This event gathers artists in three cities and let’s them paint their idea of utopia. In Dzia’s case, it will be all about lines, as usual.

Image via Dzia Krank

Pejac in Kawasaki

It was a great Asian tour for Pejac, as the Spanish artist visited China, South Korea and Japan. With a beautiful series of works, he tried to draw attention to some of the issues these societies are facing, incorporating elements of their tradition and culture. In this piece, titled Everyone is an artist and painted in Kawasaki, we see a cleaning lady pouring water whose form resembles the famous painting The Great Wave by Hokusai. His other interventions include a line of shark fins being bitten by humans, emerging from the sidewalk and addressing the problems of fishing.

Image via Pejac

Borondo and Edoardo Tresoldi in Milan

In this amazing piece created as a result of a collaboration between another Spaniard, Borondo, and Italian Edoardo Tresoldi, we see a true masterpiece of both muralism and sculpture. While Borondo painted the wall, Edoardo Tresoldi installed his wire sculpture of a man as an extension of the mural, and it’s simply great. The two are in Milan, Italy, as part of the Chained project, organized by Wunderkammern Rome. This international art event within the scope of the EXPO 2015 will gather a number of urban artists who will paint and show their works through the end of July.

Images via StreetArtNews

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