Street Update #83

Street Update

July 8, 2015

As usual, before we hit the streets and see what’s paintin’, let’s see which amazing street artists will showcase their works within gallery walls around the world. Although many galleries have already announced summer group shows and will take a summer break soon, there are still things to see. For example, urban artist Lucamaleone will be both indoors and outdoors in the Italian city of Monza, for the Recover Monza project. If you like illustrative prints and paintings, we suggest you check out Jeremy Fish’s Anger Management exhibition in Denver. If you’re consumed by wanderlust, we suggest you check out our Art Travel Specials, and find out the best of art scenes around the globe.

Now, scroll down and enjoy last week’s best murals and street art!

Farid Rueda - Wings of Destiny

Mexican street artist Farid Rueda painted a great piece in his hometown of Mexico DF. Called Wings of Destiny, the mural was done in an old neighborhood of the city, called The Eagle after a factory that supported many families. Although the facility doesn’t exist anymore, the older residents still remember it, and Farid Rueda contributed to keep its memory alive. The mural was created in collaboration with Ciclo DF, a multidisciplinary group from Mexico City. Farid Rueda is currently in Monterrey, where another art piece is coming to life, so be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates!

Image via StreetArtNews

Shalak Attack - Double Trouble

Another animal-loving street artist is Shalak Attack, a Canadian-Chilean visual artist who does paintings, murals, graffiti, canvases, even tattoos. But that’s not all: she also does jewelry, installation, sound designs and videos. This talented artist has been around for more than ten years, having had numerous exhibitions worldwide, and her works often entwine the traditional South American muralism with contemporary graffiti and street art. One of her latest pieces, titled Double Trouble, was painted in Toronto, Canada - a truly superb piece featuring two bear heads infused with each other.

Image via Shalak Attack

Zabou - Framed

Zabou, one my personal favorites, and not just because I had the opportunity to interview her, but because she’s awesome, is currently in London, where she painted a piece entitled Framed ('Coffré’). Created on a sort of a container, it features one of her signature-style characters being trapped within it, or maybe just hiding out. The artist was keeping herself busy these days, with numerous pieces painted around London and one also in Loures, Portugal and in Paris. We can’t wait to see more of her works, always entertaining and playing with stereotypes in a unique and recognizable way.

Image via Zabou

Phillippe Baudelocque in Goes

If you see some monochromatic chalk drawings around, you should know they’re the work of French artist Phillippe Baudelocque. The latest piece he did in Goes, Holland, doesn’t different from his usual impeccable routine: rich in detail, formed with simple, yet complex lines and forms, playing with shadows and light. Born in 1974 and based in Yerres, France, Phillippe Baudelocque has been the subject of two solo and numerous group exhibitions in Europe, Kenya and Japan. The artist is currently in Goes for the Mural Goes festival, ending on July 10th, which saw the great piece by Super A in our last Street Update.

Image via Phillippe Baudelocque

Bordalo II in London

Known for his spectacular street art installation, Portuguese street artist Bordalo II, also known as Bordalo Segundo, never disappoints. His latest piece found its place in the Underground group show at Kachette, East London, organized by the GraffitiStreet urban store. Entitled Ldn Rat, the work features a giant rat made with assemblage and trash - truly remarkable. Bordalo describes himself as a figurative painter whose works are full of vivacity and movement, and his art is based on wood, collage, garbage and paint. This sure is a creative way to recycle!

Image via Bordalo II

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