Street Update #84

July 15, 2015

If you’re still wondering what street art is and you wanna hear about it from an art professional who has witnessed its development in person, make sure you head over to our interview with none other than Jonathan LeVine. If, however, you got a clear idea, let us take you through the street art events coming up in the days to follow. As it’s summer, most of the activities related to urban art will happen outside. If you like beaches with your murals, there’s the Malta Street Art Festival, starting on July 24th. In Richmond, Virginia, will also see an impressive number of international street artists taking over the city, from July 14th on. A few events will also happen indoors: at Brooklyn Museum, there will be an explosion of pop culture, courtesy of Faile, while Improper Walls is hosting a charity to help out Nepal, so if you wanna buy art and help those in need, that’s the place for you.

Scroll down and check out the latest murals done in the past week!

Owen Dippie - The Radiant Madonna

New Zealand street artist Owen Dippie created a brilliant homage to the legendary Keith Haring in his latest piece called The Radiant Madonna. Last week, the mural became the latest addition to the Bushwick Collective’s collection of murals in Brooklyn, New York City. It sees an image of the Madonna holding a Keith Haring-style drawing of a baby, covering an entire side of a building. Owen Dippie’s work is often influenced by the High Renaissance artworks, but also hip hop culture and the works of some of his idols growing up, such as Keith Haring, Andy Warhol or Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Images via

Rocket01 - Habitat

A new piece titled Habitat saw the light of day on a wall in Sheffield, UK, created by a local artist going by the name of Rocket01. Specializing in graffiti, street art and fine art, Rocket01 produces works that often depict famous people, often put in surreal scenarios and painted with pastel colors. He also does 3D graffiti, featuring letters, nature, people, and throughout his career he has collaborated with other street artists such as Eon, Fauna, Amin, Booms and Sebasura. His works can be found throughout Sheffield, as he was commissioned by the city’s institutions many times.

Images via Rocket01

Ana Marietta at Meeting of Styles

One of the artists participating at the Meeting of Styles 2015 in the UK is Ana Marietta, a talented street artist whose mural of birds, an often subject in her art, will surely end up being one of the event’s very best. This year, for the 6th time, the streets of London have been taken over by international street artists, and more than 60 of them have left their mark on the UK capital. The festival ended on July 12th, but you can still check out the artworks by going to Shoreditch and Whitechapel, while the Fleet Street Hill Site is their main base. While there, the work of Ana Marietta will definitely be something you shouldn’t miss!

Image via Ana Marietta

eL Seed at Shubbak Festival

One of the world’s most famous calligraffiti artists, eL Seed, got his first ever UK commission as part of this year’s Shubbak Festival in London. The French-Tunisian artist is only one of the talents participating at the festival. Shubbak (meaning ‘window’ in Arabic) is London’s largest biennial festival of contemporary Arab culture, featuring over 60 events between 11th and 26th of July. Over 100 international artists, as well as over 30 artists based in the UK, will participate at Shubbak, accompanied by concerts, performances, screenings, debates, exhibitions and installations.

Image via eL Seed

Annatomix in Blackpool

The seaside town of Blackpool saw more than 20 well-known street artists from around the world paint its walls as part of the Sand Sea & Spray festival, held from 10th until 12th of July. Joining the line-up was Annatomix, a self-taught street artist from Birmingham whose amazing work draws inspiration from science, history, religion and philosophy. When she is not doing murals, she creates illustrations, paintings and sculptures, which help her fund her future projects. Her piece in Blackpool sees two rabbits made of sharp, 3D geometric shapes on a bright blue background - a truly beautiful mural!

Image via Annatomix

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