Street Update #85

July 22, 2015

Have you checked out the top summer street art festivals yet? If you needed a reason to do a road trip - you’re welcome. This month, we decided to dedicate ourselves to street art a bit more than usual, so we introduced you to the art of Stencil-making and how to do it yourself, and we talked about the history and the significance of murals a little bit. More to come! Oh, and our wonderful Marketplace just opened, so if you’re looking for a great new urban art piece to expand your art collection with, make sure you head over to our shop! For a great summer exhibition of pop art and street art in one, check out the show hosted by Parlor Gallery in New Jersey, and if you’re a fan of graffiti books too, the legendary RISK will have one of his own published soon. Quite an exciting time to be a street art fan, I’d say! It’s been busy on the streets as well, so let’s see the latest murals from the week behind us!

Bosoletti - Cesarea

The extremely talented street artist from Argentina, Francisco Bosoletti, is currently painting in Italy, and one of his latest pieces there found its place on a wall in the town of Casarano, in the deep south of the country. Entitled Cesarea, the mural was created for Viavai, a public art project of Salento and, following the signature style of Bosoletti, tells the story of Santa Cesaria, a troubled girl who ran away from her father’s abuse and who then lived in a cave, in company of two doves. If you’re interested in seeing the mural yourself, you can find it in via Lupo 26, and if you’re around Naples, Bosoletti just finished a mural there as well!

Image via Bosoletti

Pixel Pancho - The Last Kiss

Staying in Italy, but this time moving up to Ravenna, we see the latest work of Marco Bertolli, aka Pixel Pancho. The artist was invited to paint a preview of the upcoming Subsidenze Street Art Festival there, and the result is a large piece entitled The Last Kiss. Intriguing and detailed, like every work by the Turin-based artist, the mural sees a robotic and nude straight couple sharing (what appears to be the last) kiss immersed in flowers and nature. We can’t wait to see where art will take Pixel Pancho next, as his mechanic murals always make our day!

Image via streetartnews

Dale Grimshaw in Blackpool

As we mentioned in our last week’s street update, Blackpool is hosting the 2015 edition of the Sand, Sea & Spray mural festival, and one of the names participating in the event is Dave Grimshaw. The British artist painted a beautiful red-hued mural featuring one of his signature Tribes People, an often subject in all of his recent works. The Blackpool piece sees a young boy with red and white paint over his face, with a haunting look and traditional jewelry. Other characters from Dale Grimshaw’s series can be seen across London as well, painted with various color palettes.

Image via streetartnews

Nychos - Men playing gods game

A translucent mutant rat in downtown San Francisco - that’s how one of our favorite artists, Nychos, described one of his latest, brilliant pieces. If you’re a fan of animal anatomy, then you’re probably a fan of Nychos, as this piece lets us see inside a rat, quite literally. Playing with fonts, the artist also signed his artwork with Lord Nychos the Weird in the tones of Subway, the American fast food restaurant franchise, located just around the corner from the mural’s location. The Deepest Depths of the Burrow, a documentary depicting the talented Austrian street artist, had its premiere in San Francisco on July 1st.

Image via Nychos

L7m in Montpellier

Known as “the master of birds”, Brazilian street artist Luis Martins, better known as L7m, visited France, where he painted another marvelous piece on the floor of a skate park in Montpellier. While it is hard to say what this piece depicts, the artists describes it as “energy”, and ultimately, we only see hues of blue and purple, entwined with a web of lines and brushstrokes, in L7m’s trademark style. The artist is set to participate at Europe’s largest street art festival held in Bristol, called Upfest, along with 250 other artists from many countries around the world. The festival will be held between 25th and 27th July, so make sure you check it out!

Image via L7m

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