Street Update #86

July 29, 2015

It was a really exciting week! With so much street art being made both indoors and outdoors, how does one even begin to think what to see and where to go? The Malta Street Art Festival and Upfest in Bristol just ended, and they were extraordinary - you can check out many artworks over on our Facebook page. To make sure you don’t miss out any other street art festival this summer, make sure you check them out here! When it comes to gallery shows, we have MOST’s debut at Art Is Just A Four Letter Word in Germany coming up, Exhibit no. 9 gallery in New Jersey will host graffiti writer Atle Østrem, and three British street art legends are going to Chicago’s Vertical Gallery for a proper celebration of urban art. Speaking of graffiti, we made the list of 10 most awesome graffiti homages dedicated to actors (and cult movies), and you can also see those by clicking here. As per usual, the streets have been busy as well, and it’s time to see the freshest street art from last week. Scroll down and enjoy!

Smug for Malta Street Art Festival

One of the artists participating in Malta Street Art Festival, which was held from July 24th until July 26th, was Australian artist Smug, who created a breathtaking piece of a skull within what appears to be an abandoned building. We just can’t stop staring at it, as purple slowly dissolves in beige and eventually merges with the color of the wall. Skulls appear to be a rather common subject of painting for Smug, who also does humorous portraits of people, animals and cultural phenomena. His color palette is simply captivating, and his skills are reflected in a beautiful play of shadows and light.

Image via SmugOne

NeverCrew for Wall Therapy

Together with 15 other street artists, Swiss duo NeverCrew (made of Pablo Togni and Christian Rebecchi) was in Rochester, NY, for a street art festival co-curated by Urban Nation and Wall Therapy. In one of their greatest pieces yet, we see a giant whale within another, glowing in all its transparency and reflecting on the pavement in such detail, Of course, within the mural, we also see their trademark painting machine. Since 1996, NeverCrew have been painting whales and other sea creatures, but this might just be the highlight of everything they’ve done so far.

Image via

Levalet in Paris

A new piece by French artist Levalet has seen the light of day on a building in Paris. In his trademark style of painting with Indian ink and creating site-specific artworks that interfere with their surrounding architecture and urban environment, the traditionally black and white piece depicts a man in not such a good mood putting away yet another bottle on the “shelf”. Levalet, aka Charles Leval, has been busy lately, making lithographies and participating in exhibitions like the one at Le cabinet d’amateur in Paris in July. Soon, he will have another show in the French capital, at Galerie Geraldine Zberro.

Image via Levalet

Dr. Love for Upfest Bristol

A man wearing the hospital robe and a breathing mask is seen pushing a stroll with a tree on it, which apparently supplies him with air. That was Dr. Love’s contribution to Upfest in Bristol, Europe’s largest urban art festival which saw more than 250 participating artists. One of them was Dr. Love, a Georgian street artist known for his humorous, pop culture-based, multi-layer, full color stencils, text-based painted murals and street installations. His art is largely inspired by Miro, another Georgian street artist, and his main intention is to “spread love” through his work on the streets.

Image via Dr. Love

Jeff Soto and Maxx242 - Love is Sacrifice

Another amazing mural created in Rochester, as part of Wall Therapy Street Art Festival, was a stunning piece by Jeff Soto and Maxx242, entitled Love is Sacrifice. It perfectly combines the two artistic elements that are the very essence in the work of these two amazing artists - the owls of Jeff Soto and the Day of the Dead-inspired portraits of Maxx242, which usually show skulls, skeletons or symbols of death. A stunning piece! The two Californian artists previously collaborated on a project in Downtown Riverside, and before that, they created art together in Berlin.

Image via Jeff Soto

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