Street Update #88

August 12, 2015

With another week behind us it is time to go through all those important stories and events you might have missed if you do not follow our Facebook page regularly. Many new interesting things happened since our last update, outdoors, and on the pages of Widewalls. New York was the center of attention as it seems with the LoMan mural festival, Os Gemeos in Times Square and in the streets collaborating with JR on their new artwork. In case you’ve missed it was also quite a turbulent week for graffiti artist Rime, who sued Moschino over plagiarized dress design. We also did a special article on the history of Brooklyn graffiti, and top choices of graffiti websites that any street art admirer should know about. Further on, as part of our summer street art special we wrote about tips for spray painting and making your moss graffiti art. But I guess you’re getting restless and want to skip to those best murals of the past week as soon as possible. Well, wait no more, cause they are just a scroll away…

Ella & Pitr in Campania, Italy

Ella & Pitr, famous street art duo based in Saint-Etienne, France was in Italy recently, participating in the Urban Area Open Spaces project. The recent piece brings another of their famous gigantic characters just relaxing on a summer day. This lazy figure of a man is depicted in the napping position on one of the parking lots in Campania in the province of Salerno, Italy. The size of their piece is impressive but is nothing less than we expect from Ella & Pitr duo, recognizable for their oversized artworks created in sometimes unusual places.

Photo via Urban Area

SHOK-1 in East London

British artist SHOK-1 created one of his signature pieces in the streets of East London near the Brick Lane. The title of the artwork is X-Funk depicting the X-ray hand in the formation of the horn sign. SHOK-1 is famous for his free-hand spray painting technique used for the making of unique X-ray artworks with translucent effects. He’s been on the street art scene for over three decades constantly improving and reinventing his anatomy inspired style.

Image via

JR in New York

And if you thought that a week would pass without reports on the work of JR you are terribly wrong. This French photographer seems to be working in his full capacity, collaborating with others and doing the individual work. He is just everywhere in the streets of New York and for this recent mural he created a large figure of a famous ballet dancer Lauren Lovette on one of the buildings in the Tribeca neighborhood. JR’s street artwork resembles the image used for the promotion of his documentary done in the collaboration with the New York City Ballet.

Photo via JR

Innerfields – Tbilisi in Georgia

Innerfields artist collective from Berlin, Germany was recently in Georgia awaiting the Blick Festival in Batumi. The festival starts on 22nd of August, and while they are waiting for the festival to begin Innerfields are keeping it busy on the streets of the Georgian capital Tbilisi. Their Lily Loves Apples piece brings out the youthful and innocent imagery often explored in various works by Innerfields collective.

Photo via Innerfields

WD aka Wild Drawing in Athens

After his recent participation in Malta Street Art Festival, WD aka Wild Drawing is back in Athens where he just finished his latest mural. After innocent Disney-inspired character made for the festival he engaged in a more politically motivated work. The Balinese artist currently based in Greece left an inspirational message to the citizens of Athens. While depicting the chained, tired man WD also suggest that the Hope Dies Last, and it is a much needed notion in the community stricken by the economical hardships. The piece can be found at the back entrance of theater ΕΜΠΡΟΣ, Psiri.

Photo via WD Street Art

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