Street Update #96

October 7, 2015

Now that we have officially entered October, it is time to see what were those best street art pieces that have marked the beginning of this month. The followers of our Facebook page had already picked their favorites. But before we actually move to our topic let’s see what else happened in the street art universe. The first edition of the Unexpected Art Festival in Fort Smith brought some amazing pieces and you can check out the list of our top choices. Vermibus is also continuing his Fashion Week adventures with the latest subvertisements in Milan and London. Good news for graffiti art fans is that the last footage of the iconic 5Pointz building is now available online to watch and remember this great part of the graffiti history. There are also some thrilling exhibitions opening soon like Mist’s Into the Wild exhibit in Marrakech and CEET’s solo show in Geneva. Amazing Alice Pasquini recently shared an interview with us and you can listen to her speak about her art and many other interesting things in our latest podcast episode.

To have a final look of the best street art pieces in September check out the Top 10 Instagram Wall Art article and scroll down if you’re more interested in those murals still fresh from the streets…

Case MaClaim in New York

German street artist Case, a member of the MaClaim crew is in New York. His first public project was a photorealistic mural in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Just like some of the previous works by Case MaClaim in NY this piece was made in collaboration with the Bushwick Collective as part of their outdoor street art gallery. The lovers in a passionate embrace are a great example of Case’s mastery in realistic representation. With their faces hidden, these two human figures strongly focus on the fascination with the bodily beauty, one of Case’s favorite and often explored themes.

Photo via CASE

David de la Mano & Pablo S. Herrero in Florida

Spanish artists David de la Mano and Pablo S. Herrero were in the US recently, painting on the walls in Winter Haven, Florida. These artists have worked together on numerous occasions which is no coincidence if we have in mind the similarities in their styles. They both create silhouetted pieces and while Mano focuses on the figures, Herrero complements the work with nature emblems. For their second stay in Florida, the artists painted two new murals. The one in front of you is a whale silhouette entitled The Calm and it brings de la Mano’s signature characters on top of a giant whale decorated by the white tree roots of Herrero in the bottom half of the mural.

Photos via Pablo S. Herrero

Farid Rueda in Halle, Germany

Mexican artist Farid Rueda, whom you probably know for his kaleidoscopic mural works, was in Germany recently. In the town of Halle, Rueda painted one of his signature animal-themed murals interwoven with the vibrant and colorful native cultural motifs that dissolve into more abstract forms by the end. The public painting of the mural entitled For All Seasons was part of Rueda’s participation in the All You Can Paint Festival organized by A.Y.C.P. – Freiraumgalerie, artistic and cultural platform dedicated to the promotion of public arts.

Image via Farid Rueda

Hopare in Bordeaux

Last week Paris-based artist Hopare painted a large street art piece in the French city of Bordeaux. The mural marks the first participation for Hopare in the ongoing Le M.U.R. de Bordeaux project. For the occasion, French artist brought to life three woman portraits on the left side of the piece and his signature colorful abstract forms on the right. Hopare often combines figuration with the abstraction in his works with astonishing results. Juxtaposition of figurative and abstract elements in enhanced by the clever disposition of colors with multicolored surface on one side contrasting the black and white shades of the portraits.


Deih in Reykjavik, Iceland

Spanish street artist Deih from the XLF crew is one of the participants in the Wall Poetry project organized by the Iceland Airways and curated by the Berlin’s Urban Nation. With the theme of the festival being “we paint the music, you love to hear”, ten internationally acclaimed artists have been gathered for the project in the city of Reykjavik and paired up with the audio artists who provided the songs to be visually interpreted on the assigned walls. In his signature style Deih created a beautiful large-scale mural which brings his own vision of the song Waterfall performed by the Icelandic band VÖK.

Photo via Deih

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