Street Update Special: Wynwood

December 10, 2014

As you’re already used to, every Wednesday we bring you five of the most stunning, interesting and unusual murals you liked on Facebook during the week before. This week, however, we have prepared a little treat for you – since the Miami art week has just finished and Wynwood District was packed with artists that flew to Miami, you had the chance to select the ten most interesting murals created during Art Basel 2014! The artists that participated in adorning the walls, showed off their skills and gained even bigger popularity among the visitors. The Austrian artist Nychos didn’t want to miss this great opportunity to leave his signature mark on the walls of Miami. Meanwhile, the German street art duo Herakut enrolled in two projects – their exhibition opening, as well as their new fantastic piece. Some new collaborations formed – artists Faith47 and Alexis Diaz made a great piece complementing both of their skills, while the Puerto Rican artist Bikismo joined the group of artists that help building schools. Two Australian artists came all the way from their home country just to be a part of the action. Both Rone and Reka One join the amazing list of artists who created art in the streets of Miami. The rest of the murals were done by D*Face, Ever and Smithe and street art superstars Shepard Fairey and Cleon Peterson. If you didn’t visit Miami Art Week while it lasted, you can always stop by the Wynwood District and see these beautiful murals. If Miami is too far away just go through our gallery and enjoy them at home!

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Austrian street artist Nychos has been one of the busiest in the last twelve months. After fantastic collaborations, projects, street art festivals and many, many murals, Nychos has finally landed in Miami for probably his last event in the 2014. As Art Basel Miami just finished, many of the participating artists are still summing up all the impressions. Nychos was, alongside his numerous colleagues, invited to the art fair to paint several murals in the popular Wynwood District and this one was the first he did. Featuring a dissected hammerhead, his signature style, Nychos one again proved why he is considered to be one of the most talented young street artists. Amazing details, impressive technique and unique approach to art, makes viewers crave for more. Great job!


Meanwhile in Wynwood, the German street art duo Herakut had two major events going on – their exhibition opening at Mana, as well as their new fantastic piece. Entitled "I Dreamt I Was a Human. It Was a... Nightmare", Herakut once again showed everyone their fantastic skills and why they were on the list of those who had the exclusive right to adorn Wynwood Walls. The imagery found in their works is very beautiful and recognizable, conveying a myriad of emotions through the main focus of their works, which are eyes. It is this emphasis on a darker color palette that serves as a background to their murals while adding a vibrant energy to these specific elements chosen to be emphasized in their creations. Their exquisite ability to show specific emotion is one of their biggest advantages and you can see why.


Thanks to Art Basel Miami, all the visitors had the chance to see in person the result of an amazing collaboration between two similar but very unique artists – Faith47 and Alexis Diaz. Both known for their nostalgic, gentle and romantic imagery, the artists worked like they were painting together for years. Portraying a nude woman floating while a snake is wrapped up around her body show all the creativity, technique and talent these two have. Although recognizing their individual strikes of the brush, when seen together as a whole, the murals looks like an artwork by only one, extremely talented artist, which is the greatest proof of a successful collaboration.


Another artist who landed in Miami, Florida for the just finished Art Basel is the Puerto Rican artist Bikismo. Painting for the Raw Project at the Jose De Diego Middle School, Bik spent about 4 days working on this metallic pooch made entirely with spray-paint. The level of detail is absolutely insane and the painted metallic dog very much resembles, intentionally or not, sculptures like Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate in Chicago or Jeff Koons' Rabbit. The amount of awesomeness in this piece is beyond words and Bikismo’s technique is truly unbelievable. We’re looking forward to seeing more from this amazing artist.


At the same time, the Melbourne born street artist Rone flew to sunny Miami where he was invited to paint a piece for Art Basel 2014. The talented artist spent several hours working on this beautiful piece featuring his favorite subject, women.  The Australian artist famous for his very realistic portraits of beautiful women this time did a mural that is not very typical for him, as there were no signs of pop art imagery. Still, this didn’t reduce the quality of the mural, on contrary, this portrait based on one of his Muse named Jenny Perez is a great addition the Miami’s Wynwood Distric.


Another artist invited to join the Raw Project and paint schools as a part of the raising fund project is the Australian born artist Reka One. His character work has come to represent the beginnings of a new style of street art: clean, unique and not necessarily on the street. The surrealist and abstracted imagery emerges from the depths of Reka’s mind, communicating through strong lines, dynamic movement and bold colors. With influences in pop culture, cartoons and illustration, Reka’s style has become known for its fusion of high and low art, which is highly noticeable at his latest project in Miami. The vivid, simple and clean art is what Reka One is truly about. Great job!


Painting in the district of Wynwood, the newly formed Mexican-Argentinean duo quickly worked their way through this beautiful piece which is featuring each artist's distinctive style and imagery. The artists are Ever and Smithe, both amazingly talented and unique but for this project, the two put their egos aside and worked like two great professionals they are. The complex and large piece features several major elements like the woman and the skull and although they may seem in disbalance, they complement each other perfectly.

MARTIN WHATSON - My Kingdom For A Crown

Coming directly from the cold Norway, Martin Whatson flew to Miami for the latest edition of Art Basel Miami. In town for the excellent Raw Project at the Jose De Diego Middle School, the Norwegian artist brought to life two new stencil pieces which are entitled "Dancer" and "My Kingdom For A Crown". First one, featuring a dance, ballerina probably, painted in black and white, while her dress is very vivid and painted in colorful letters; while the second one entitled “My Kingdom For A Crown” shows a black and white little girl painting numerous small crowns on the wall that were, just like the ballerina’s dress, also done in color.


When we last wrote about D*Face, the artist was in Las Vegas working on a project, but now he is back in North America to visit the always exciting Art Basel Miami. Painting in the district of Wynwood, the British street artist spent a few days working on this massive piece showing two of his signature characters. Continuing his narrative story about relationships, the piece is entitled "Is The Answer LOVE". D*Face really made a signature style for himself, taking all the best from the pulp cosmic style we all love. The massive piece literally grabs your attention and shocks and the accompanying details like font are simply stunning.


Obey Giant aka Shepard Fairey is also in Miami for Art Basel 2014 where he teamed up with Cleon Peterson to beautify the streets of Wynwood. The two extremely talented artists maybe don’t look like they have too much in common in the first place, but when you look at this mural is it clear that Fairey and Peterson are the best at what they do. The Los-Angeles street art team quickly wrapped up these two murals which are sporting each artist's distinctive imagery in a rather subtle and clever way and proved once again why they are among the most recognized and critically acclaimed artists in the urban art scene.

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