Get Lost in the Fictional Mythology by Superblast in his Latest Exhibition at BEINGHUNTED Gallery

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April 27, 2016

Recently opened Berlin-based BEINGHUNTED. Gallery is organizing Superblast exhibition – a show with the new works by this amazing German street artist. We wrote a lot about Manuel Osterholt aka Superblast (be sure to check out the interview Widewalls conducted with Manuel). On our list of 10 best street art ads, the amazing piece by Superblast is among the best works – he was commissioned by Playstation to create a mural, and he created a stunning piece at Torstrasse 86 in Berlin. Superblast is probably best-known for his works that were inspired by mythology and religious imagery. For this particular exhibition that is entitled The Trees Carry The Wind Into The Forest, the artist was inspired by the work of the world-renowned mythologist – Joseph Campbell.

Superblast exhibition
Superblast - Artwork, The Trees Carry The Wind Into The Forest exhibition

From Graffiti to Mythology-Inspired Art – Superblast

Manuel Osterholt aka Superblast is a German street artist who has also worked as graphic designer. He collaborated with Ecko Unltd, Sony Playstation Portable, Nokia N-series, Bread & Butter Berlin, WeSC, Veltins Beer, Converse, Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape, Uslu Airlines and others. His background is in graffiti art, skateboard, punk-rock and hip-hop subcultures. We could say that his trademark is representation of skull-faces icons, coated in cyan blue capes and enlightened by a golden ground. These icons actually symbolize the ancient representations of saints that are usually presented in combination with elements from different cultures and religions. And in the artist’s latest body of work, we can see religious and mythological elements. For example, we can identify elements of Eastern European (Christian Orthodox) religious icon paintings – the figures that artists depicts are genderless, draped and hood figures. As the artist himself says: For me, my icon characters represent human mortality and through that the concept of living. We are part of the universe around us and in us. We are infinite and mortal at the same time.

Superblast exhibition
Superblast - Artworks, The Trees Carry The Wind Into The Forest exhibition

The Trees Carry The Wind Into The Forest

So, the latest body of work by Superblast that will be part of the exhibition The Trees Carry The Wind Into The Forest is inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell, famous American mythologist, writer and lecturer, best-known for his work in comparative mythology and comparative religion (Campbell is probably best-known for the term monomyth - one myth that refers to the theory that sees all mythic narratives as variations of a single great story). He analyzed the universal mythology that can be found in all cultures around the world. Superblast, on the other hand, gives personal interpretations and offers a wide range of characteristics to the subjects. He fuses and re-interprets religious and cultural symbols, using expressive style, creating unique personal mythology.

Superblast exhibition
Superblast - The Trees Carry The Wind Into The Forest exhibition. The exhibition will be on view until May 31

Superblast Exhibition at BEINGHUNTED. Gallery

What the visitors of the exhibition The Trees Carry The Wind Into The Forest will have the opportunity to see? The artist has created a series of works on canvas, paper and wood as a comprehensive overview, the status-quo of his artistic operation. Each piece is different; however, the works altogether are part of an amazing mythological universe Superblast has been creating for years. Parallel with the exhibition, BEINGHUNTED. Gallery will launch its first artist publication. The full-color catalog will feature all artworks from the show and is produced in a signed and numbered edition of 50 copies. The exhibition of Superblast will be on view from April 28 until May 31, 2016 at BEINHGUNTED. Gallery in Berlin. The opening reception is scheduled for April 28, 7-10pm.

Featured Image: Superblast -  The Trees Carry The Wind Into The Forest  exhibition, detail (Images used for illustrative purposes)

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