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October 4, 2015

Recently, we have taken upon ourselves to explore the exciting world of comic book art and all its superheroes, but also villains. The next obvious step was to head over to our ever-growing Marketplace, where superhero art appears to be amongst the most popular. Now, when we say superhero artwork, we don’t just mean your regular Superman, Wonder Woman, Hulk, the Avengers, Iron Man, Batman, Spiderman and the rest of the world-saving comics protagonists, but also icons from popular culture, movie characters, even characters from the Disney franchise, many of which were created upon the principles of Pop Art. That being said, superhero art doesn’t necessarily limit itself to comic books only, but also paintings, works on canvas, sculpture, prints, you name it, and its artists are as versatile as they come.

Here, you can find a selection of superhero artworks and prints by famous artists, so scroll down to check them out!

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Greg Gossel - Blinded by Anger (Blue)

Coming from Vertical Gallery in Chicago is the Blinded by Anger (Blue), a Batman superhero artwork by American Pop artist Greg Gossel. This round-canvas painting made in 2014 is a silkscreen ink, acrylic, spray paint and collage on wood panel and it is a unique piece depicting Batman in a recognisable Pop art environment. Greg Gossel is known for his Postmodernist mix of pulp novels, politics, romance comics and 20th century icons, which got him a flattering comparison with artists like Shepard Fairey and Roy Lichtenstein.

Giacomo Spazio - Visual Pollution

A rather creepy image of Mickey Mouse and the writing Disney War is what constitutes the Visual Pollution artwork by Giacomo Spazio, an Italian artist who has become somewhat of a legend in his homeland’s underground culture. The artwork is signed by the artist and delivered with a certificate of authenticity by Berlin’s Open Walls Gallery and it follows the artist’s dedication to the visual exploration unto the notions of social norms and trends, as well as promoting the arts without prejudice.

D*Face - Ha, Ha, Not So Supermann

A slightly deformed Superman (with an extra n) is the subject of a superhero artwork by D*Face, courtesy of Ministry of Walls gallery in Cologne. This screen print comes in an edition of 95 and in it, apart from a big “ha ha” writing, we see one of our favorite superhero slowly turn into a skeleton, as little wings, trademark of D Face, pull him toward the sky. This is your opportunity to own an artwork made by one of the most prolific street artists of today and a mastermind who uses dysfunctional characters for his satirical narratives.

Ben Frost - Know Your Product

Know Your Product is a print that Ben Frost produced for the Company of Thieves exhibition in Detroit in 2012. Calling a “mash up” of styles, this superhero artwork on sale at Artstubli gallery in Basel, incorporates a whole lot of familiar characters, from Pikachu to Spiderman and Mickey Mouse, interacting between them in a seemingly random way, without being led by a specific idea in the mind of the artist. Only, with Ben Frost, everything has a hidden, subliminal message, and it’s up to his viewers to reveal their own.

Cept - The Reckoning

Another piece sold by Vertical Gallery is The Reckoning by artist Cept. It is an acrylic on canvas painting coming as a unique work made by the legendary British graffiti artist. Appearing to be a scene of action at its peak taken straight from a comic book, the 2014 artwork fits in the particular style developed by Cept since 1986, which cleverly mixes psychedelia with Pop art and graffiti. He often depicts villains and superheroes, and he also works with other mediums such as oil paintings, video art, sculptures, murals and conceptual installations.

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Robert Longo - Superheroes: Goddess

Superheroes: Goddess is a photograph by American painter and sculptor Robert Longo, an artist who has pursued his childhood fascination with mass media, movies, television, magazines and comic books into his adult days and has embedded them in his art. This superhero artwork, offered by ZooArt in London, represents a C-print mounted on museum board in excellent conditions, as it dates back to 1998. It is framed, signed, numbered and comes in an edition of 3. It is a rare find in the oeuvre of this versatile artist.

Ryan Callanan - The Long Suffering Trooper (Gold)

Now here’s an interesting sculpture, called The Long Suffering Trooper (Gold), made by artist Ryan Callanan and offered by Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami. It is a 2013 23-carat gold, hand cast and painted piece belonging to an edition of 12. Known for his craftsmanship, Ryan Callanan, also known as RYCA, likes to cross-reference elements of pop culture into his artworks, as it is also clearly demonstrated in this particular piece. If you’re a Star Wars fan, and maybe also Jesus’s, this is a perfect artwork for you.

Andy Warhol - Dracula Dracula

Ok, maybe not a superhero, but definitely an iconic character created by the world’s greatest Pop Artist. It is the Dracula Dracula, also on sale at Robert Fontaine Gallery, a 1981 screen print on Lenox Museum Board, signed and numbered in pencil by none other than Andy Warhol himself. Part of an edition of 200, the image of Dracula got the signature Pop art makeover courtesy of Andy Warhol, in form of pink, almost glittery outlining of the character’s features. It probably made him look less scary than it should have, but it definitely made him more Pop.

Greg Gossel - Bad Dream (Yellow)

Finishing with whom we started, it’s Greg Gossel once again, with another one of his Pop art pieces dedicated to superheroes. Bad Dream (Yellow) is a 2014 painting showing Catwoman fighting a bad guy in a dreamy, color-splashed atmosphere. Sold at Vertical Gallery Chicago, the work is a silkscreen ink, acrylic, spray paint and collage on canvas, signed and a unique copy. The painting also comes in two other versions, White and Pink, the only difference being the color palette. Will this Catwoman be fighting from your own wall?

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