French Artist SWIZ Attempts to Balance the Anarchy and Poetize the Chaos at David Bloch Gallery

April 7, 2016

Enter the world of organization, chaos, and density. Enter the world that is presented in the new body of works of the artist Swiz and his exhibition at the David Bloch Gallery in Marrakech, and experience the color, the mix-media and the abstract works that act like a map of the city and provide the clues for the multi-faceted game that is at play. The rough and repetitive rhythms of the urban life have inspired this young French artist for years now and it is in his surroundings that the magic is found. This magic, Swiz later deconstructs and puts back together in the most elaborate color and abstract combinations, showcasing his talent for the reduction that is still multi-layered and a puzzle for his public.

swiz exhibition
Swiz - Chaos Control. Image courtesy of David Bloch Gallery

The Graffiti Background

Inspired by the Cuban artists and the way in which they broke up objects and reassembled them in an abstract form, the artist Swiz adopts this deconstructed aesthetics in his graffiti and gives the precedent for the construction of the complex, intricate designs. The passion for painting, born in the artist’s teenage years, has its roots in the love for the graffiti art. His preferred ‘canvases’ in the beginning were abandoned places and streets of Paris suburbia. Walking around the city, the artist left his mark and also created paintings that he left on different walls. This self-thought artist very soon became known for the development of the style described as ‘futuristic’. His graffiti works act like a message or a code to enter the next level of the elaborate construction that is born out of deconstruction.

swiz exhibition
Swiz - Chaos Control. Image courtesy of David Bloch Gallery

The Abstraction

The base of the abstraction that the artist Swiz creates is rooted in the every-day letters that we see and use. The focus on the writing developed the artist’s emancipated and innovative works and it is here that the basis for his geometrical compositions is found. The concept of encryption emerged, and simultaneously the artist plays with his viewer, challenging the perception of his public, and with the shape of the letter and the outline of the urban areas that he takes over. Maybe the paintings are a game of conquest for the artist, and maybe Swiz with his geometrical design works creates a new world that is left open for the wondering eye of the public. It is a new face of the chaos that Swiz is able to create.

swiz exhibition
Left: Swiz - Chaos Control. Artist in his studio / Right: Swiz - Chaos Control. Artist in his studio. Images courtesy of David Bloch Gallery

Swiz Exhibition at David Bloch Gallery in Marrakech

From 2008, the artist Swiz moved to a studio practice. He kept some of the artistic aspects of graffiti, such as the letter and the choice of the materials used, but his artworks progressed towards abstraction. The letter disappeared and the artist’s language now is made of forms and color. Taking inspiration from the Western cities’ geometrical designs, Swiz always maintains a layout, born out of alphabet or architecture, and with this structure offers the viewer an opportunity to search the surface of the paintings and uncover new visual horizons.

For the occasion of his new exhibition Chaos Control, that marks his first solo exhibition, the artist will present fifteen new artworks on canvases, two volumes and an in situ installation. On view at the David Bloch Gallery in Marrakech, the exhibition will open on May 6th at 19pm and will last until June 5th, 2016. The audience will get a chance to unravel the different messages and emotions that appear from the canvas, just like in a multi-faceted game and be witnesses of the works of the new young star of the art world.

All images courtesy of David Bloch Gallery and the artist. Featured image in slider: Swiz – Chaos Control, mixed medias on canvas, 2016.

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