October 23, 2013

Oct.23.2103 - Widewalls would like to make a shout out for street artist Swoon. Not only because this amazing women and street artist can be found in our collection but also because Swoon is doing amazing work for her architecture program Dithyrambalina, a sonic playground, performance venue and laboratory for musical architecture in New Orleans.

Two years ago New Orleans Airlift and the artist Swoon launched the Kickstarter campaign that funded The Music Box, a prototype for an ongoing musical architecture project called Dithyrambalina. That proof-of-concept was more successful than was ever believed possible!   A blighted 150-year-old house was transformed into a temporary village of playable musical houses with interactive instruments embedded into the walls, floors and ceilings of structures. The Music Box welcomed over 15,000 visitors for days of interactive public exploration and nights of groundbreaking concerts, as well as over 500 students for engaging workshops.

Swoon's project - The Music Box
The Music Box

Over twenty-five local and international artists like Swoon, Delaney Martin, Quintron, Eliza Zeitlin, Taylor Lee Shepherd and Ranjit Bhatnagar created The Music Box. This temporary orchestral shantytown went on to be played by over 70 musicians from around the world, including Thurston Moore, Andrew W.K., Mannie Fresh, Javelin, Japanther, Nortec Collective and many more. This celebration of collaboration also included all the neighbors and visitors who brought musical architecture to life through their touch.

Since closing The Music Box, it has been a quite a year, planning, researching and meeting with lots of people. What was once going to be a single musical house designed by Swoon and brought to life by collaborating artists has turned into an even bigger dream  - an evolving musical village created by many, many more hands, ideas, and influences.

Swoon Design
Swoon's original design for a single house looks out over the musical village. Photo William Widmer

It is a grand vision, but a village does not spring up over night, it grows. Upon that principle, the project is now ready to start building the founding structures for Dithyrambalina's permanent campus for research, creation, experience and performance of musical architecture.

Your funding will go towards the creation of first five musical structures that will become part of Dithyrambalina’s growing musical village - including materials and fees for the artists and collaborating partners. The new musical houses will begin making public appearances in May of 2014 while the goal of this Kickstarter campaign will be met when all five of these structures are built by Fall of 2014.

Read more about the project and DONATE at: KickStarter-Dithyrambalina

750$ Donation is rewarded with a visit to Swoons studio

Swoon's studio
750$ donation reward: Visit to Swoon's studio

Pictures retrieved from: KickStarter - Dithyrembalina

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