10 Sydney Art Galleries you have to Visit

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November 21, 2016

Regardless of their distance from the main art centers of Europe and America, Sydney art galleries must be visited. Not only do they provide an excellent insight into the growing force of Australian art trends they also display the importance and the influence of Aboriginal culture which helps form the identity of this vast continent. Culturally diverse and rich, the creativity of Australian artists never stops to amaze us. The recent success of one of its leading artists, Fiona Hall, at the Venice Biennale has turned the eye of the art market and art’s community to this part of the world.

Even though the region is still recognized to represent the distant art scene, this does not stop its authors to reflect on both the local and international burning issues. Evident is a growing number of video artists, installation works, and artworks which explore the issues concerning the identity, political force, and the globalization of the world.

Sydney, as one of the most populated cities in Australia, is known as the country's cultural capital. In the home to some of the most important and beautiful art museums and art events, the number of Sydney art galleries is growing every day. The need to experiment and to keep up with the latest trends of contemporary art production has influenced a growing number of off-site and artist-run creative spaces as well.

Due to its geographical position, Sydney art galleries are unexplored chests of bursting creativity. Promoting Aboriginal and Australian artists, Sydney art galleries are both windows and bridges which aim to enhance the international art dialogue.

Ten Sydney art galleries we selected among the many are just a small glimpse of what the city has to offer! So, scroll down and enjoy the journey through the diverse Australian culture.

Olsen Irwin

Olsen Irwin, originally known as Olsen Irwin and Tim Olsen Gallery, was established in 1993. Fostering the dialogue between contemporary Australian artists and the leading European, American and Asian authors, the gallery prides itself and its relationship with the Australian contemporary art scene. Among the variously represented artists is the celebrated author John Olsen, presently regarded as Australia’s most esteemed living artist. With its continually changing exhibition program both emerging and established artists are promoted. With its presence during art fairs and as an online gallery, Olsen Irwin helps the celebration of the contemporary Australian art production.

Olsen Irwin Location

Featured image in slider: Olsen Irwin Gallery. Image courtesy of Olsen Irwin Gallery; Interior views of the gallery. Images courtesy of Olsen Irwin Gallery

Aboriginal Art Galleries (3 in 1)

Aboriginal Art Galleries (including the Opera Quays, QVB Gallery, and The Rocks Gallery) is the largest collaborative of family-run galleries. Located in some of the most beautiful locations around the city, Queen Victoria Building and Opera Quays Gallery, the collections include artworks from Aboriginal Community Art Centers and private art dealers. Promoting the Indigenous Art industry for over twenty years, the galleries showcase a variety of paintings, crafts, and artifacts from both emerging artists and authors who are nationally and internationally renowned.

Opera Quays Location

QVB Gallery Location

The Rocks Gallery Location

Featured image in slider: Aboriginal Art Galleries - Logo. Image via sydney.com; The Rocks - Aboriginal Art Galleries. Image via sydney.com; Aboriginal Art Galleries. Image via pinterest.com


Artist-led, Carriageworks is considered to be the largest and most significant contemporary multi-arts center of its kind. Its ambitious and risk taking program provides significant support to leading Australian and international artists. Committed to reflecting social and cultural diversity, Carriageworks is joined by a number of Resident Organizations, such as Erth, Force Majeure, Performance Space, Sydney Chamber Opera, Moogahlin, Felix Media and Marrugeku, all working within the contemporary arts sector.

Carriageworks Location

Featured image in slider: Carriageworks. Image courtesy of Carriageworks( first and second image);Ann Veronica Janssens installation view at Carriageworks.

Galerie pompom

Representing 17 Sydney and Melbourne-based artists, Galerie pompom is a contemporary commercial gallery which opened in March, 2012. It is the creation of Ron and George Adams who for 10 years have successfully run the prominent artist run initiative, MOP Projects. Aiming to develop some of the most celebrated authors, the gallery encourages their creative projects in a dedicated commercial venture.

Galerie pompom Location

Featured image in slider: Gallery Pompom. Image via sydney.com; Chippendale Creative Precinct, Galerie pompom. Image via pinterest.com; Chippendale Creative Precinct, Galerie pompom. Image via pinterest.com.

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