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February 15, 2016

“The graffiti must travel to be seen.” These are the words of the multifaceted artist called TANC. The painter, graphic designer, composer and all-around genuine creator began writing graffiti back in 1996. Since then, Tancrède Perrot has embellished the walls of Amsterdam, Paris, Cairo, Brussels, Shanghai, Marseille and many other worldwide cities. However, as many of his colleagues often do, TANC felt the need to allow his creativity to grow beyond the ephemeral nature of street art. At the turn of the century, he mainly focused on studio work, creating unique and remarkable paintings which, perhaps, better convey his absolute commitment and integrity as an artist. The David Bloch Gallery is proud to host the second solo exhibition of TANC in Marrakesh, entitled New Horizons. New body of work, mainly composed of papers marouflaged to canvas, is to be presented at the show.

Tanc uses the technique of marouflage, which is affixing a painted canvas to a wall to be used as a mural, using an adhesive that hardens as it dries such as plaster or cement

Guided by Spontaneity, Tancrède Perrot Relies on Emotions to do the Work

Once the viewer is familiar with Tanc’s graffiti background, his unique style becomes more comprehensible. Tancrède Perrot appreciates the creative process more than the final result itself, embracing the calling of an artist as a way of life, completely devoting himself to his work. It is not the perfection of the line, nor the beauty of the stroke that Tanc seeks, on the contrary, the French artist indulges in spontaneity and embraces the flow of emotions as his guide. When examining the artwork, the viewer can almost feel the vibrations and the pulse that conducted the creator’s hand, making him paint straight from his heart, rather than through a calculated design. The resulting piece is a product of a time spent in limbo, balancing between consciousness and unconsciousness. Instead of attempting to control and harness the flow, Tanc allows it to take the wheel, as he remains in the passenger’s seat, almost waiting for the composition to suddenly appear on the canvas. It is through similar manner that the Paris-based artist creates his music as well, relying heavily on the element of spontaneity.

Tanc - New Horizons artwork, the artist mostly uses single jets to create his work, which means his motions must be fast and determined
Tanc - New Horizons artwork, the artist mostly uses single jets to create his work, which means his motions must be fast and determined

Abstract Landscapes in an Aesthetic Harmony

From his teenage years, Tanc felt the desire to shout out his name across the city through graffiti writing, throughout the years, that desire grew and developed into something much more. Soon after switching to canvas, the artist discovered a new instinctive outlet to express himself. The letters disappeared, giving way to formal abstraction. Still maintaining the street art’s essential vitality, Tanc focused his exploration on line and color, creating a unique and vivid style. He views his paintings as a way of fixing his emotions, leading him to paint in an automatic way. The artist becomes a machine whose rhythm is driven by his feelings, allowing them to dictate the speed of his arm like a metronome, but also define the paint density. Some of his work is created in a single jet, appearing quite simple at first, but it’s a real exercise to paint fast. The artist stated that if he’s afraid to paint fast, then the fear is transposed onto the canvas, and that’s not what he aims for. He strives to create an aesthetic harmony which transcends both the painter and the viewer, living beyond its own existence.

Tanc - New Horizons artwork
Tanc - New Horizons artwork

New Horizons Solo Exhibition by Tanc at David Bloch Gallery in Marrakech, Morocco

The French artist said that he often waits for many hours before he even begins to paint. Patience is important, waiting for the right time is crucial when it comes to such an emotion-based creative process. From the initial absolute abstraction, a horizon begins to appear; the sky, the sea, the earth…a landscape even. The artist is fascinated by this way of creating as he recalls one of Mark Rothko's quotations: "I am not an abstract painter, I paint emotions." Tanc’s new collection of artworks featured in his second solo exhibition in Marrakesh, entitled New Horizons, is on view February 26 – March 27 at the David Bloch Gallery in Marrakesh, Morrocco. Take a journey to the fascinating adventure of Tanc’s unique creative process, and allow your emotions to guide you through the abstract landscapes.

All images courtesy of the David Bloch Gallery

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