Tanya Tier Desolution Exhibition Coming to Fiumano Projects

January 25, 2016

Tanya Tier is interested in a specific occurrence she refers to as paradoxical. She emphasizes our appreciation for the rare and the extraordinary, which stands in contrast with our dependency on the uniform and the mass-produced. Her new show, Desolution, reflects on her previous work that regarded similar subjects, concerning the ultimate desire of our society to find value in the unique and the unusual. The artist approaches the audience through deliberate modifications she makes to consumerist products, questioning the purposeful redundancy of these items.

tanya tier exhibition
Tanya Tier - Fossils

A Sculptor and a Writer

The artist expresses her ideas through sculpture, but she is also known for satirical sketch writing and creating political cartoons. Humor is a recurring motive in most of her work, and its specific cynical undertone often reaches her audience successfully. Some of her cartoons were published in The Guardian, and she also writes sketches for shows, one of which was Smack the Pony, an English sketch comedy show from the early 2000s. Through her work, regardless of the medium, she continues to combine irony and satire with regular, everyday life, which makes her work have both the colloquial tone and high artistic value.

tanya tier exhibition
Left: Tanya Tier - Sine Qua Non / Right: Tanya Tier - The Science of Desire

Amused to Death

When describing her work, critics mention Roger Waters’s presumption that our species would ultimately amuse itself to death. The author seems to be inspired by this idea, and she observes the nature of contemporary humanity, accepting it and interpreting it in a playful manner. She consequently wonders, how would the absurdity of our rituals and conventions be interpreted by our successors, those who would discover the remains of our modern civilization after we’re no longer here? The ridicule she refers to is based on the state of life we are confronted with, where the line between illusion and reality is blurred, and so is the obvious difference between the important and the frivolous.

tanya tier exhibition
Tanya Tier - Genetic Defect

Desolution in London

Apart from being dedicated to pursuing intents of her artistic endeavor, Tanya Tier is also interested in science and nature of the universe. She has a unique perception of the role of science in our lives, which she observes from an analytic vantage point. She contrasts clear phenomena explainable by science to the ambiguous and inconstant definition of life that we, humans, constantly seem to reassess. While posing these, and many other questions, Tanya Tier puts the universal pattern of human behavior to the test. She also does it in a very appealing and comprehensible way, provoking our thoughts while pleasing our eyes. Desolution runs from January 26 through February 6, at Fiumano Projects, London.

Featured images: Tanya Tier - Relics; Tanya Tier - Memento; Tanya Tier - Predator Blue Brass; Tanya Tier - Carriers. All images courtesy of the artist and the gallery.

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