Do Taschen Books Abolish the Kitsch Behind the Omnipresent Bootie Trend With The Big Butt Book?

September 4, 2015

A book entitled The Big Butt Book is the fourth in a series of Taschen books (Taschen art books, to be more precise) celebrating the human form in all its glory. Of course, this is not the first Taschen book profiling some of the highest-profile examples of erotica; however, this one is indeed overloaded with archival images from throughout the history of erotic art and nudie mags. As the title of the book indicates, it is about images of naked women with big butts (previous editions include The Big Book of Breasts, The Big Book of Legs, and The Big Penis Book).

taschen books
Some of the models are famous persons, even celebrities

Pure Erotica in Taschen Books

What makes The Big Butt Book so special (except of big female butts, of course)? Well, in order to offer to readers a full pleasure, Taschen published this edition with anaglyph 3D imaging and a pair of glasses included with each copy. Yes, each copy comes with a pair of 3D glasses! With 220 pages of erotic art, The Big Butt Book focus on photographs of nude females, with accent on (as you can suppose) butts. According to the Taschen description of the book, between the pages of this NSFW work of fine literature awaits a cornucopia of delectably rounded, fully dimensional derrières.

taschen books
The book has many archival images from 1950s and 1960s

Nothing Kinky

When it comes to erotica, nothing should be stigmatized as kinky, perverted or weird (for more kinky erotica, take a look at the photographs by Hans Van Der Kamp). It is about art, and the photographs published in The Big Butt Book are artistic in every sense of that word. The artistic value of the photographs presented in this book is huge. On the other hand, whether someone likes the subject or not, it’s the question of taste. Among erotic art lovers, there are different sub-groups that prefer different types of focus (take a look at erotic art by Laura Krifka and Cynthia Westwood). When it comes to female subjects, it can be vagina, breasts, butts, etc.  The Big Butt Book is perfect for those who like butts. The editor of the book, Dian Hanson, introduces "pygophylia" as the clinical term for butt lovers, quoting Sir Mix-A-Lot's hit track Baby Got Back, tracing the historic arc of the arse from Cro-Magnon woman to J. Lo-inspired bootymania, and even delving into a bit of inspired cultural anthropology: Always the favorite female body part in African and Latin societies, the new pan-global appreciation of buttocks is one of the finer effects of multiculturalism.

taschen books
With 3D glasses, a reader will have a unique visual experience

Celebrities’ Butts

There is no actual sex act depicted anywhere in the book, but there are hundreds of nude portraits with a certain shared focus. Those who have experience and knowledge in celebrities’ art of nude, it is possible to recognize some quite famous person depicted in the photographs - Betty Page, Vanessa del Rio, Pamela Anderson, Serena Williams, and many others. When it comes to the archival images, they are grouped by decade, starting with black & white butt shots from the 1940s and 1950s.

taschen books
Butts and spanking often go hand in hand when it comes to erotic art

Bootie Trend

What is interesting in The Big Butt Book is the fact that there is an omnipresent bootie trend. High heels, leather boots, or more simple boots – doesn’t really matter; however, many models are completely naked, yet wearing the boots. Since the book is criticized for being bit kitsch, we may pose a legitimate question: Do Taschen books abolish the kitsch behind the omnipresent bootie trend with The Big Butt Book?

The Big Butt Book Video

The Big Butt Book

The Big Butt Book is available now at, and it costs 59,99 USD. Do not forget that it also goes with 3D glasses! This is the fourth edition of The Big Taschen books edition, so we are expecting the next one – until then, we can only assume what will be the focus of the next series.

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