6 Textile Wall Pieces from Artissima 2018

November 4, 2018

As per usual, the Artissima art fair held in Turin, Italy brought an interesting selection of local and international contemporary art. Across the vast space of the Oval, 189 galleries presented their artists in a variety of media - yet, what caught our attention was the frequency of the art involving textile, and one that could hang on the wall at the same time. It can be found within almost every sector of the fair, including Dialogues and Present Future, and it ranges from emerging names to the more established ones.

As the event approaches its last hours, we take a look at the highlighted textile art wall pieces at Artissima 2018.

All images taken by Widewalls.

Abdoulaye Konate at Primo Marella

An acclaimed artist from Mali, Abdoulaye Konaté creates symbolic textile landscapes imbued with color and texture. His latest works, such as the Violet au personnage exhibited at Primo Marella’s booth at Artissima, carry a gradient sensuality and a sense of calmness.

Featured image: Abdoulaye Konaté - Violet au personnage, 2018. Textile, 155,5 x 204,5 xm. Primo Marella Gallery

Olga de Amaral at Richard Saltoun

For those who like textile art, Richard Saltoun Gallery’s booth at Artissima was a real treat; its entirety was dedicated to this particular medium. Curated by Paola Ugolini, The Subversive Stitch features works of Mariella Bettineschi, Thomas De Falco, Silvia Giambrone, Greta Schödl, Annegret Soltau and Olga de Amaral, whose work Adherencia natural (Natural adherence) from 1973 is simply mesmerizing.

Featured image: Olga de Amaral - Adherencia natural [Natural adherence], 1973. Hand-woven wool and horse hair tapestry, 140 x 87 cm. Richard Saltoun Gallery

Isa Melsheimer at Galerie Joselyn Wolff

Born and based in Germany, Isa Melsheimer works across many media, including textiles. This piece presented by Galerie Joselyn Wolff, includes many narratives stitched into a single work, swaying between the abstract and the representative.

Featured image: Isa Melsheimer - Gazelle, 2011. Textile, thread, wool, pearls, 360 x 150 cm. Galerie Joselyn Wolff

Frederic Moser and Philippe Schwinger at KOW Berlin

Known for their videos and sculptures, Swiss artists Frédéric Moser and Philippe Schwinger turned to textile as well, as shown by Berlin’s KOW at Artissima 2018. While citizen k is presented as the classical cut of Japanese kimono, Only words make the decrees ”condenses the symbolic order into the one point of a centralized authority associated in the title of their work with its legislative function.”

Featured images: Frédéric Moser and Philippe Schwinger - Only words make the decrees, 2018. Pleated silk organza, 150 x 150 x 20 cm; Frédéric Moser and Philippe Schwinger - citizen k, 2018. Linen, tussah silk, 200,5 x 146 x 9,5 cm. KOW Berlin

Joel Andrianomearisoa at Sabrina Amrani

An artist from Madagascar, Joël Andrianomearisoa places his work “at the edges of the desires of whomever discovers it”. As described by Virginie Andriamirado and Sabrina Amrani Gallery, his interest is urban spaces, the noises, smells, images, lights and incessant movements that generate city life.

Featured image: Joël Andrianomearisoa - When the days belongs to the night I and III. Textile and wood. Sabrina Amrani

Norberto Roldan at Silverlens

A Philippine artist represented by Philippine gallery Silverlens, Norberto “Peewee” Roldan creates thought-provoking work that often comments on cultural, political and social matters in his homeland. Drawing from everyday life, he employs slightly unconventional materials such as old Catholic vestments, as is the case with his works exhibited at Artissima.

Featured images: Norberto Roldan - Demokrasya, 2018. Textile installation with embroidered fabric, re-purposed old Catholic vestment (humeral) and dangling metal amulets and chains, 199,6 x 271 cm/ Silverlens; Norberto Roldan - Katipunan, 2018. extile installation with embroidered fabric, re-purposed old Catholic vestment (humeral) and dangling metal amulets and chains, 198 x 271,8 cm. Silverlens.

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