Cutting-Edge Art and Amazing Speakers - The Art Conference Coming to Historic London This July

May 23, 2016

This July, The Art Conference (TAC) will breathe new life into the stunning 19th-century warehouse in the heart of London, and transform the three levels of Bermondsey’s ‘Ugly Duck’ into a conference center with film screenings, panel discussion, exhibitions, and digital art installations. In the words of the contemporary art curator Tina Ziegler, who in partnership with The IWSC Group created The Art Conference, the aspirations are high with hopes that the conference will encourage ‘dialogue, critical reflection and interaction with arts and technology’. The pairing of the works of local creators alongside internationally-acclaimed veterans showcase the aim that ‘ TAC will be a platform to educate and engage with creatives in London, allowing the worlds of art and technology to meet and inspire each other.’

the art conference
The Art Conference - Maser

Highlights of The Art Conference

With hopes that the conference will provide something for everyone, The Art Conference, will play host to a program of international keynote speakers from the worlds of technology, art, and culture. The highlights during the conference days will include a presentation of much-loved lights installations of the world-renowned artist and poet Robert Montgomery, the group of unique acrylic and hand-cut wood paintings of Colin McMaster’s collection, and the work of Jordan Seiler’s Public Ad Campaign work, which allows the visitors to test and experience first-hand the transformation of an artwork once viewed through an iPhone. The profound merge of art and technology, the life-after-death reality experience of Virtual Awakening, project by Jose Montmayor, brings a thoughtful insight of the fusion of the two disciplines. The keynote speakers at the conference will not only provide insight into each work and practical advice for those hoping to follow in their footsteps, but will, during the inaugural conference debates, reflect on the subject of social engagement of public art, and the role of technology in the experience of art and culture.

The Keynote Speakers

An array of lecturers from different art disciplines and organizations will present their works and reflect their ideas to the wide London public. The Keynote speakers will include the internationally acclaimed street artists Dan Witz, RJ Rushmore, whose practice and thoughts reflect the transformative potential of art in public spaces, Louis Jensen, a creative director and founder of Spaying Bricks, a network of emerging street and graffiti artists, Jordan Seiler, whose work rapidly developed into a critique of social effects of advertising on the shared public psyche, which resulted in his debut project Public Ad Campaign, the artists Robert Montgomery, Maser, and the emerging Mexican photographer Jose Montmayor. The co-founder of A-side-B-side Galery in Hackney Dows Tinsel Edwards will also share his thoughts, as will Guillaume Trotin, co-founder of OPEN WALLS Gallery in Berlin, the co-founder of Woman on Walls, Mia Grondahl, the founder and CEO of Skute Dan Lewis and Valentina Fois, an independent curator based in London. The fusion of art, science and technology and the stories shared by the acclaimed international speakers renowned for addressing, confronting and impacting social challenges through artistic expression will enrich our experiences of art and culture and reflect the goals of The Art Conference organizers.

The Art Conference Location

The Art Conference in London

In a beautiful setting of the Bermondsey’s ‘Ugly Duck’, The Art Conference will aim to create a valuable digital content and interaction, offering the public a rich program of exhibitions and discussions. On Monday, May 23rd the official website of the Conference will be launched while the dates of both the Conference and TAC Exhibitions are Saturday, July 23rd and Sunday, July 24th, 2016. The tickets for the events go on sale on Monday, May 23rd, 2016, and due to the limited number, only 200 attendees, we firmly encourage you to organize yourself in advance and save the mentioned dates.

All images courtesy of The Art Conference. Featured images in slider: Art Conference Banner; Art Conference – List of the Keynote Speakers; The Art Conference – Announcing Image for Jordan Seiler; The Art Conference – Announcing Image for Jose Montmayor; The Art Conference – Announcing Image for Mase; The Art Conference – Announcing Image for Robert Montgomery. The Art Conference - Announcing image for Dan Witz.

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