Light, Mechanical and Sound Works Become Alive in Electrique Group Show at The Hollows

Exhibition Announcements

June 6, 2016

A group show featuring 20 artists and their 40 art pieces will soon be on view in 16 galleries throughout 5 floors, 2 facades, and a backyard of The Hollows new townhouse in downtown Brooklyn, New York, and all of that with a 5-nights long opening reception. Now, that’s what we call an extraordinary art event. Curated by Piril Gündüz, the upcoming exhibition, entitled Electrique, will represent light, mechanical, and sound works, all of them made without digital technology, and all of them coming to life with electric power. The exhibition will turn the whole building into a play between electrical and human as the audience will get the chance to experience the gradual change in power while walking among exhibited pieces.

Left and right- Designer- Merve Kahraman Revitalizer series
Left and right: Designer: Merve Kahraman - Revitalizer series - Images courtesy of The Hollows

Carefully Crafted Exhibition Concept

‘Living in the haunted house, lights must be kept on. Fighting your demons or playing them, until the break of dawn’, says the exhibition material. The light and electricity have leading roles in the concept of the whole group show, which is carefully crafted by the curator. The program of the show consists of several theme-specific outlines, and each artist will present multiple pieces of their own. Artists that are going to exhibit in this group show are Kiichiro Adachi, Matilde Alessandra, Gregory Barsamian, James O. Clark, Nick Doyle, Andre Eamiello, Ryan Frank, Brandt Graves, Marco Guglielmino, Beril Gulcan, Merve Kahraman, Yusuf Kayi, Annesta Le, Cathy McClure, Seren Morey, Lindsay Packer, Randy Polumbo, John Procario, Dave Rittinger, and Christine Sciulli.

Dave Rittinger - Nest
Dave Rittinger - Nest - Image courtesy of The Hollows

Electric vs. Human

The Electrique exhibition is divided into multiple sub-themes that are going to be presented through indoor and outdoor of The Hollows building. The basement is reserved for the theme Electricity as Agent, while the ground floor galleries will host exhibitions with sub-topic Electric Flirting, with four galleries representing the Man, Boy, Woman, and a Girl show. The first floor galleries will host the Electric as Function part of the exhibition, featuring the Glow and Movement exhibition in galleries, and With and Without installation placed in the bathroom. The second-floor show will be electrifying as it presents the Electric > Human exhibition, with co-topics named Schizophrenia, Cave, and Psychedelia. And finally, the third floor is reserved for the Electric + Human show, with a special feature Electra’s Remedy in the Curator’s room, and Love, Eros, and Surrender series within the galleries. There will be also an open-air gallery in the backyard of the house showing the Sublime exhibition, while the porch will host the Urban show.

Left- Dave Rittinger - Spindel; Right-Kiichiro Adachi s artwork - Image copyright Triangle NY
Left: Dave Rittinger - Spindel - Image courtesy of The Hollows / Right: Kiichiro Adachi's artwork - Image copyright Triangle NY

The Hollows Group Exhibition in New Townhouse

The large-scale group show Electrique will be held at The Hollows art space in its new downtown building in New York. It will present several pieces by each of the 20 artists whose work is included. Artworks are going to be installed in 16 galleries, as well as the porch and the backyard of the house, putting each part of the show in a wider context. The show will include light interventions by the curator, as well as the reproductions of historical paintings related to the theme of electricity. And last, but not least, the Electrique show will have five opening nights, from June 15 through June 19, 2016, usually in the evenings. The exhibition will be on a display until August 28, 2016. It will be open to public on Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm to 8pm, and from 9 pm to 11 pm.

Featured image: Kiichiro Adachi's artwork - Image copyright Triangle NY