The Museum of the End of the World at ROCKELMANN&

April 28, 2015

The ROCKELMANN& Gallery presents an exciting new exhibition by the versatile conceptual artist Fred Fleisher titled The Museum of the End of the World curated by Tommy Mishima. In this show Fred Fleisher deals with the idea on how the pervading degraded and decayed social structures are initiating the End of the World. The installation to be exhibited at the ROCKELMANN& is Fred Fleisher’s signature work that relies on his familiar language that engaging popular culture and artist’s own spiritual and ideological continuity.

ROCKELMANN&  Gallery, Berlin city
Left: Fred Fleisher - American Hero Buck Rogers / Right: Fred Fleisher - Fred as Anakin Vader

Fred Fleisher’s End of the World

Being raised in Christian tradition influenced the later work of Fred Fleisher and set him to permanent quest and exploration of the Self. The idea of personal responsibility for one’s own choices pervades in his work together with the aspiration to externalize intellectual outcome through text and images incorporated in his work. Fred Fleisher’s religious upbringing is evident in the religious, mystical, philosophical and cultural roots he incorporates into his contemporary works. Work The Museum of the End of the World could be seen as author’s attempt to integrate relics carried by the notion of spiritual hope as we face the end of the world. Should we disregard the surfaced cynicism of the very idea of the world’s end we might find author’s belief of redemption. This idea is exercised in Fred Fleisher’s works Believe it or Not and It is Over I’m Fucked both executed as hand painted carnival signs of Jesus and a smiling clown presented as symbols of salvation. Take a look at the Keith Haring's religious inspired artworks here.

ROCKELMANN&  Gallery, Berlin city
Fred Fleisher's drawing The Defender shows influence of Pop art

Eternal Recurrence and Golden Illuminati Triangle

Another Fred Fleisher’s work featured in The Museum of the End of the World is titled Golden Illuminati Triangle and consists of ready-made plastic trophy figurines forming a pyramidal assembly of world authority propped against the wall. The work represents our idea of what we thing we know about distribution of power in the world. Coming from the similar concept is an interactive piece called Eternal Recurrence. This work however employs viewers encouraging them to play with a toy racetrack with a camera attached to the front of the car. This piece insinuates the omnipresence of various forms of surveillance that we are subjected to on daily basis. Fred Fleisher desires to raise questions that are ubiquitous and perennial but seem to be neglected in the haste of our daily routines. He attempts to shine some light onto things that usually go unnoticed by transferring them into something beyond their original meanings. Vibrant colors and popular icons aid Fred Fleisher in that and subvert the meanings of his works into Jungian-like unconscious state of dream. Fred Fleisher’s exploration of the unconscious and introspection resulted in creation of his alter-ego High Octane, man in the suit with clown-like make up much like the character of Joker from the cards. Fleisher’s alter-ego High Octane is a super hero who wants to achieve the feats of Jesus, Buddha and more recently John F. Kennedy. Look at our 10 Super Hero Themed Artworks here  and Super Heros in Urban Art here.

ROCKELMANN& Gallery, Berlin city
Left:  Fred Fleisher's painting Gemini / Right: Fred Fleisher's painting Taurus

The Museum of the End of the World at ROCKELMANN&

The Museum of the End of the World is curated by Tommy Mishima, also an artist who has worked with Fleisher at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art from 2008 to 2012. The two artists worked together in manning the command center that managed surveillance system of the entire building. The time they had spent together resulted in new ideas and projects such as Command Center and a three-segment video alluding to their museum dialogues. If you want to learn more about new media installation art have a look at upcoming show by Isaac Julien here and Chen Rang's ongoing exhibition here. ROCKELMANN& Gallery will open its doors to the project by Fred Fleisher The Museum of the End of the World on April 30th 2015. The show featuring this new media installation closes on June 27th.

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Images in Slider: Fred Fleisher The Law of Attraction and Left Fred Fleisher Lincoln for J. Crew and Right Fred Fleisher High Octane Look Sharp.

Featured Images are Courtesy of the ROCKELMANN& Gallery, Berlin.

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