The Street is Changing

September 20, 2014

Street art is taking over Rome fast, in part thanks to the Outdoor Urban Art Festival, which is to be organized for the fifth year in a row, opening with a conference. The thriving of the movement in Italy is evident, as it enters a new stage, ready to offer its immense power of communication in order to make a change in society, addressing the reinventions of the industrial space, which will be given new, different and vibrant significance in the coming era of creation.
Outdoor 2014 has the motto of Moving Forward, implying both physical and mental, emotional growth, while it encompasses the space of five thousand square meters, fusing together six different cultures, changing the grim grayness of industrial assembly into the brilliant spectrum of creation for good.

OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival 2014
OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival 2014

Conference at MAXXI

Conference introducing Outdoor Urban Art Festival 2014 is to be hosted by the prestigious MAXXI, the first European national museum dedicated exclusively to the art of the 21st century. Entitled ‘The Street is Changing’, conference itself alludes to numerous changes in creative actions and their perceptions that are upon us, presenting a range of expert speakers and artists to support the idea. Opening its door on September 20, 2014, The Street is Changing has a rich and interesting program.

OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival 2014
OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival 2014

The Street is Changing Conference Program

Gathering is scheduled at 18:00, while the Presentation of OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival 2014 will start soon after. The speaker list includes David Diavù Vecchiato, artist and curator of M.U.Ro., Quadraro, Rome, Jean Faucheur, artist and founder of M.U.R. from Paris, Jacopo Gonzales and Marco Baleani from LASZLO BIRO, and exhibition space located in Pigneto, Rome, and Dotmaster, co-curator of the NUart Festival in Stavanger, Norway.
The first group of speakers will address burning topics regarding urban art movement and the various curatorial approaches, receptions and other views, taken from their own experiences.

OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival 2014
OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival 2014

Second Part of the Conference

After a break at 19:30, more fantastic speakers are lined up. Giuseppe Pizzuto, co-director of Wunderkammern Gallery in Rome will be speaking about Urban Art and the international programme of the gallery in Rome, which recently introduced its annual project Limitless. Other speakers are Renato Fontana, talents hunter, Francesco Lipari, architect and founder of City Vision, Paolo Von Vacano, editor, and Tommaso Spagnoli, Founder of SPQwoRk, a creative coworking platform for emerging talent.
Their joint talk will address relations between creativity and art and branding, architecture, editorial approach, urbanism and the street, as well as the hands-on artistic process.

The Conference will take place until 20:30, as a part of the PLAY program of the YAP sector of MAXXI, in the YAP section of the amazing Zaha Hadid museum building, realized in collaboration with OUTDOOR and Nu Factory.
Announcing the future of art perhaps, The Street is Changing conference invites all the Romans and those who feel that way to come to MAXXI tomorrow, to hear the experts, share their public art observations and learn about the coming OUTDOOR Festival.

OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival 2014
OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival 2014

OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival 2014
YAP section of MAXXI Rome

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